Travel Tips: The Benefits of Philippine Travel Insurance

For A Worry-Free Trip, Have you Considered Travel Insurance?

Traveling has become so accessible for many Filipinos because of the rise of low cost carriers. With plenty of airfare deals, hotel promos, and travel blogs readily accessible on the internet, creating your own detailed itinerary is easier than ever before. But as experienced travellers know, things do not always go according to plan.  

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Any number of unfortunate things can happen during a trip including cancelled flights, lost baggage, stolen items, or even getting sick at your destination. All of these scenarios can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. So, what can you do to make life a little easier? Get TRAVEL INSURANCE!

Travel insurance is one of the investments that a smart traveller should consider when planning a trip. This will allow you to enjoy a worry and hassle free trip with plenty of great memories to bring back home. But purchasing Philippine travel insurance is not always crystal clear and it is important to understand what types of coverage are available. There are several travel insurance companies that offer a range of benefits to travellers. Here is a brief outline of some of the most common coverages available: 
  • MEDICAL TREATMENT: One of the most important things to make sure of during travel is safety. But occasionally, there are circumstances that one might encounter during a trip that could result in an accident or even an illness. If you are travelling locally, you might be covered by your national health insurance. However, if you are abroad, it is likely that you will not be covered. Most travel insurance that is currently being offered covers medical treatments, hospital expenses, and personal accident benefits that may provide reimbursements once you get back to your home country. But these coverages normally have exceptions. As a smart traveller, make sure that you clarify all of the types of accidents and illnesses that are covered by your policy. 
  • BAGGAGE: You arrive at the airport of your destination excited but tired due to the long flight only to be greeted by the sign, ‘LAST BAG’ on the baggage carousel without a glimpse of your own luggage. So, you ask yourself, "where is my baggage?" You end up at the airline’s help desk to report your lost baggage and discover that it has been redirected or lost! Travel insurance covers this type of inconvenience including baggage delays, baggage damage, and even lost baggage. Most of them cover a portion of the cost with a maximum amount claimable depending on the policy you get. So as a friendly reminder, place all of your important belongings in your hand-carry baggage when possible but be sure to check with your carrier that the items will be allowed on-board. 
  • DELAYS AND MISSED FLIGHTS: Your flight lands an hour delayed of the estimated time of arrival due to severe weather conditions from your airport of origin. When you get in to the terminal, you discover that the check in gate for your connecting flight is already closed and that you have missed your flight. Although this was not your fault, the only option that you have is to wait for the next available flight. As you settle down, you realize that this unfortunate incident is covered by your travel insurance. Travel insurance can reimburse expenses that are incurred as a result of a delay, covering the time spent waiting for the next connecting flight. The delay is much easier to swallow when you know that your expenses such as airport meals or even a hotel are covered by your insurance.
Generally, these are the things that are most commonly covered by Philippine travel insurance. Be sure to clarify all of the coverage details with the company agent before you sign the policy to ensure that you have all of the coverage that you need. As with any other insurance, all of these benefits are covered within a specific time period and within a specified limit depending on the premium you have paid. For added convenience, most air carriers such as Philippine Airlines offer travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance during your ticket purchase. Just be sure to review all of the details of the benefits and coverage before committing to purchase it.

To learn more about various Travel Insurance companies in the Philippines and the types of coverage available, see the links below and have a safe trip!

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