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Philippine Flight Network is your personal guide to exploring this magnificent archipelago of 7,107 beautiful islands. From hotels to hidden wonders, we will bring you the very best that the Philippines has to offer.

This website combines a passion of aviation with the joy of travelling in the Philippines. We are here to showcase the hottest destinations, newest attractions, trendiest restaurants, and best hotels. We want to share the Philippine experience with the entire world!

Follow this page to discover flight promos, airline news, hotel reviews, exciting destinations and much more. From Cebu Pacific to Philippine Airlines, we'll keep you informed and make travel affordable so that you can keep exploring!


Darryl Wilson, Editor

Philippine Flight Network Team

Darryl Wilson is a Filipino-Canadian hospitality management professional with a passion for travel and volunteerism. In addition to his career in tourism, he also enjoys travel writing and blogging. Darryl's life changed on a VolunTourism trip to the Philippines in 2009 when he fell in love with the country and its people. Since then, Darryl has dedicated his life to a mission of ending poverty in the Philippines through tourism.

HybridAce101 is a PhD student wannabe who wants to figure out why it is so difficult for governments, particularly in developing nations, to get on board with improving the country. He also takes a leisurely interest in getting to the bottom of how air and public transportation in the Philippines can be improved to better reflect international standards. HybridAce101 occasionally travels to distant countries and enjoys sharing them with readers whenever possible.

Angelo Agcamaran is an architect apprentice. He has been fascinated with aircraft since childhood. Angelo began photographing aircraft with his cousin's camera, which eventually became his in 2012. His interest in aviation has continued to grow since then. Angelo's photography subjects are not limited to aircraft but also include occasional shots of people and architecture as well.

The Paranoid Traveler is a freelance writer, part-time professor, full-time leisure traveler, and a whole-lot-of-time dog lover. If not writing or traveling, the Paranoid Traveler loves playing with her dogs and watching cartoons.

Travelling_bk is a finance IT professional who loves to travel and passionately take photos using his smartphone. Aside from traveling and editing his photos to post in his Instagram account, he is studying the Japanese language and plans to work as a language instructor and interpreter. With his passion inspired by the people he loves, he now dares to unfold his life by writing great articles to share. きをつけてください、皆様。

Grace Gaston-Dousel is a homeschooling mompreneur and author who grows and learns by teaching and traveling. She feeds her passions for entrepreneurship, writing and exploring cultures by managing an online health and wellness business and two travel agencies.

Surface Traveller is an Australian who loves trains, likes ships (even the humble Filipino bangka) and planes but detests cars although they are occasionally useful. He has an abiding interest in worldwide travel with the Philippines being one of his favourite spots. The snorkelling, glorious white sand beaches, and the amazingly friendly people are just a few of the things he loves about the land of 7,107 islands. He rates the Visayas and Mindanao ahead of much of Luzon and suggests that Manila is not really typical of the Philippines, believing that the country overall is a hugely underrated travel and tourism destination.
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