PETA Pressures Philippine Airlines to End Primate Shipments

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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is calling on Philippine Airlines to stop shipping primates for torture in experiments. Most major airlines of the world have already set a policy refusing to take part in what many consider to be a violent and cruel industry.

PETA has been hot on the trail of several international airlines that has continued to ship primates for laboratory testing for the last couple of years. These airlines include China Eastern Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Air France, and United Airlines. To date, PETA has been successful in getting all but two of the airlines to agree on banning their primate shipments. Philippine Airlines and Air France are the only two that remain.

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Air France has claimed in the past that it ensures that all biomedical research regarding the animals it transports is in line with current legislation and regulations drawn up by scientific organizations specializing in animal welfare. The airline says that they monitor both the suppliers and buyers of animals and will refuse shipment if they are not in compliance with laws or regulations. This position remains unsatisfactory to PETA and Philippine Airlines has yet to respond.

The campaign has ranged from public protests to social media and online petitions. Supporters have been asked to contact Philippine Airlines by Facebook or e-mail to voice their concern on the issue. PETA is trying to get the message through to the airline that people around the world are disgusted by this practice and will choose other airlines until Philippine Airlines stops facilitating such cruelty.

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Photo Source: PETA Asia-Pacific
In spite of the response of most major international air carriers, Philippine Airlines continues to profit from transporting monkeys to U.S. laboratories. In 2010, the United States imported over 21,000 primates. China is the primary seller of monkeys to the United States.

On its website, PETA Asia-Pacific states that, "Some animals are bred in captivity on cramped, squalid monkey factory farms, whereas others are stolen from their families in the wild. The traumatized monkeys are crammed into small wooden crates and transported in the backs of trucks and the dark and terrifying cargo holds of planes, often on passenger flights just below unsuspecting customers."

In 2012, PETA released shocking undercover footage from inside the laboratories of Covance and Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, two of the largest importers of primates into the United States for use in cruel experiments. PETA and its supporters will continue to apply pressure on Philippine Airlines until their policies are revised.

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  1. Its enough with all the Animal Cruelty =:'( It makes me sick to fight against it everyday

  2. Please! to all the Filipinos out there please! please! stop trading animals from the forest here in Philippines. You don't know how much pain and stress that can cause to the animals. Thanks for sharing this to us.
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