Another Landing Incident for Cebu Pacific

Less than a few weeks after a Cebu Pacific aircraft ran off the runway at Davao Airport, another Cebu Pacific aircraft has been involved in yet another landing incident at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. 
cebu pacific accident
Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
According to officials at Cebu Pacific, flight 448, an A320 aircraft inbound from Iloilo sideswiped the runway lighting at NAIA after reportedly encountering a strong crosswind while landing on the afternoon of Thursday, June 13, 2013. None of the passengers on board were injured. Jose Angel Honrado, General Manager of NAIA said that the rough landing was a direct cause of the challenging weather conditions over Metro Manila. 

The aircraft's pilot, Jay Palomillo, is being questioned by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. Officals at NAIA says that five lights along Runway 6 were damaged in the rough landing at approximately 4:00pm on Thursday.

Flights in and out of the country's main gateway have been affected by the looming heavy rain showers and thunderstorms that are blanketing the region. Some flights have been cancelled while others have been delayed or diverted.

The aircraft involved in the incident was able to taxi to the gate at NAIA Terminal 3 without incident. 95 passengers including 7 children and 3 infants were on board the aircraft. Operations at NAIA were not disrupted as a result of the incident. Cebu Pacific said in a statement released on Friday that the aircraft is currently undergoing a thorough check, and is awaiting release back into service. Meanwhile, all Cebu Pacific flights will continue to operate as scheduled. 

Investigations of the incident in Davao two weeks earlier are on-going by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. Results of the investigation are expected to be released in 1 to 2 weeks although early indications have suggested that pilot error is involved. 

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