Fil-Asian Airways Completes Successful Inaugural Flight

Fil-Asian Airways successfully launched its inaugural flight between Manila and Tablas, Romblon on June 22, 2013. The flight was actually a "probling flight" with members of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines on board to assess the performance of the airline and finally grant it official approval to operate scheduled service.

fil-asian airways inaugural flight
Photo Source: Fil-Asian Airways
The CAAP officials were joined by political guests, Fil-Asian staff, and a handful of other passengers. Tickets for the flight were only sold through inside channels. Following the initial flight, it will take the CAAP approximately one week to complete its report and make a final decision. As a result, tickets will not be available to the general public for flights before July 1, 2013.

Fil-Asian Airways will offer four weekly flights between Manila and Tablas departing on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Flights will depart Manila at 9:20am arriving in Tablas at 10:20am. The return flight will depart Tablas at 11:05am arriving in Manila at 12:05pm. All flights are operated by Fil-Asian's 64-seat Japanese-built YS11 aircraft.

For the few lucky passengers who were able to enjoy the inaugural flight, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held at Tablas Airport in Romblon.

Here are some photos and videos shared by Fil-Asian Airways and passengers on board the inaugural flight:

fil asian airways inaugural flight tablas
Photo Source: Fil-Asian Airways
fil-asian airways tablas
Photo Credit: M. Albuñan/Facebook
A representative of Stone Creek House in Romblon was on board the inaugural flight from Manila. They shared videos of the experience on the tourist accommodation's Facebook page. 

The first video shows footage of the Fil-Asian hangar, NAMC YS-11 aircraft, and some brief commentary from the Assistant Vice President of Fil-Asian Airways. According to the passenger, Fil-Asian's intent to offer personal touch as part of its service experience came through on the inaugural flight. The flight was originally scheduled to depart at 9:00am but was delayed by two hours due to weather. 

According to the post on Facebook, the passenger from Stone Creek House reported:

"The ride itself was smooth and the staff, though new, were professional and did their best to accommodate the guests--even if there were a few nervous hiccups. 
Thanks for the great service, Fil-Asian. I hope we're flying with you for a long time."

The second video shows footage of the aircraft and cabin interior: 

Philippine Flight Network will continue to track the progress of Fil-Asian Airways and bring the latest news and updates as they become available. Stay tuned for what will be an incredibly exciting ride!


  1. How can book flight to tablas romblon?

  2. I heard they are not starting to fly to Tablas until 29 September 2013. They do not have a web site at this time. No airline is currently flying to Tablas, only can get there by ferry for now.

  3. Although they had an inaugural flight months ago, it does not appear that they are operating scheduled service yet. It's best to contact them directly via their website:


  5. Fil asian airways is a fake company.we inquire with the civil aviation authority of the philippines and got to know that they dont have any permit to operate an airline.they even hired many pilots and they took big amount from each pilot of around 40000-50000 US Dollars promising that they will get a guaranteed job. I just had a word with few employees and came to the conclusion that this company doesnt have any good plans as they didnt pay the salary to the pilots for more than a year even after getting loads of amount from them. Be carefull guys. And now they started cheating passengers also by selling fake tickets.their website is not workiing but they have only facebook these many years airline is able to get only a facebook page and nothing else.. :-P this company is a big joke..Lol

    1. very true they did not refund our money last september we pay forour ticket when the date ofour flight is coming they said they cancelled the flight..very worst............

    2. the same happened to us and I think to many others,we should group to file a complain

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