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  1. Last July 1, I had to go to Virac for a business trip. I took the 5:45 am flight of Cebu Pacific. After my meeting, I took the 1:00 pm ferry boat to take me to Legaspi City. Today, July 2, I will be taking the 2:40 pm flight from Legaspi to Manila.

    Deception 1: We boarded the CP flight at about 5:15 am on the morning of July 1. After boarding, we waited at the tarmac for more than an hour. We finally took off at 6:45 am. Unbeknownst to us, the ground crew offloaded our checked-in baggage. No one informed us that this was being done, nor did anyone ask consent from the passengers.

    Deception 2: After arriving at Virac at around 8:00 am, the passengers were informed by the CP ground crew that their bags have been loaded onto their flight to Legaspi, and will be personally delivered to us in the afternoon. The bags will be transported from Legaspi to Tabaco Albay, and loaded onto the 8:00 am ferry boat from Tabaco, Albay to San Andres, Catanduanes, then delivered to CP’s office at Virac at around 1:00 pm. The ticketing office personnel asked us for our telephone numbers and forwarding addresses. I explained to her that I will travel to Legaspi in the afternoon, so no need to have my bag delivered to Virac, I will pick my luggage at Legaspi airport myself. She assured me that this will be taken care of. Later in the morning, our Virac associate tried calling their office, but not once did any CP personnel answer their phones. In desperation, our associate went so far as to go to the house of one their staff. He made a call to their Legaspi office, and was informed that my bag was left at Legaspi. It was not true.

    Deception 3: There are only two ferry boat schedules leaving the island of Catanduanes for the Bicol mainland: one at 8:00 am, the other at 1:00 pm. After being assured that my bag was left at Legaspi airport, I boarded the 1:00 pm ferry boat. We arrived at Tabaco, Albay at around 4:00 pm, and raced towards the airport in Legaspi, about 30 km. away. When we entered the airport at around 5:00 pm, we were met by the security guard. After explaining our predicament, he pointed to us the security officer of CP, who was about to leave the airport. After conferring with him, he told us to talk to the personnel at the ticketing office. We proceeded to the office as directed, and found it empty.

    Saving Grace: Some men were loitering around the airport grounds, and we made our inquiries. Fortunately (or so we thought), one was a ground personnel of CP. After explaining to him our predicament, he stated that I can no longer retrieve my bag that afternoon since the CP office closed at 3:30 pm. It was said in a tone that seemed to blame me for arriving there late. I told him that somebody should have stayed behind since CP has been informed since that morning that one of their passengers will be retrieving his bag at Legaspi. When I spotted a lady in CP uniform inside the perimeter fence of the tarmac, I asked him to call her. He answered in a rude manner that I should call her myself.

    Her name is Hope Arnesto, the manager at the CP office at Legaspi airport. She assured me that my bag will be delivered the following morning to the hotel where I am staying. Since the ferry boat leaving for Catanduanes will sail at 8:00 am, I am expecting to be reunited with my bag at around 12:00 noon. Hopefully CP personnel will deliver this time or else I will leave Legaspi without my bag.

    I don’t know how you will respond to this, since you seem to ignore posts by other customers critical of your services. I just hope that other customers will be forewarned of what you still need to do in terms of being honest and courteous with your customers, being competent in your jobs, and taking responsibility for the foul ups that you have caused.

  2. I guess next time better fly with Philippine Airlines. Airline that you can trust...I guess you spent more money just to locate your bag. Low cost carrier always doing that. Its better to fly with PAL at least your bag is secure....

  3. Flew round trip Manila to Dumaguete around May/June 2013. Had a very good flight, we departed and arrived on time both flights. I especially enjoyed the contest during the flight. The experience seemed very similar to Southwest Airlines in the United States, which is a good thing.

    I was intrigued to read they want to add some U.S. flights in the future, Chicago in particular would interest me the most, but I'm not sure a low cost carrier experience translates well to a 15+ hour flight, they might need to adjust some of their services for the longer flights, especially free meals and baggage allowance.

    1. The reason it's a low cost carrier is they do not pass on supposedly free meals into the tickets. Their dubai is doing well as passengers understand and adjust accordingly. Hope they fly soon to the US.

    2. Suppose to be a low cost carrier, but in honest fact it is not cheap at all to use Cebupac they start out as if it is cheap but when you get to the end of your booking there goes all the charges they could make up. They do not charge you the meals they make you pay it separately what a scam.

  4. We flew from BKK-MNL last March 2013. WHen we checked-in which was 1 hr before the ETD they said it is on time. But as soon as we got to the gate, they keep moving back the ETD and blaming MNL tower for the delay making us delayed for 4 hrs. We were so frustrated with CebuPac for not informing us ahead of time and making us sleep at the gate not knowing when we will be able to fly. They should have informed us at the check in counter that the plane will be delayed 4 hrs. I will neve fly Cabu Pacific again. It's always delayed and poor customer service!

  5. I have taken 5j when pr flight not available. I always tell my friends, "sa kunting differencia pal na!"

  6. I have taken 5j when pr flight not available. I always tell my friends, "sa kunting differencia pal na!"

  7. Its the worst airline! Always delay, slow and bad service. Today I didn't get to my flight because of overbooking. I will never never use this airline again. If you want to have a good vacation without stress and bad surprise, don't take Cebu pacific.

  8. They damage my bag at a flight to HongKong and dont take action, only a lukewarm sorry.
    Very bad behavior

  9. cebu pacific airline is such a big * .. mga mukhang pera. they don't give any considerations ewan ko lang kung kakilala nila ang hihingi kung di ba pabigyan.. yes, I accepted that we've been late for the check-in for how many minutes pero naman sana inisip niyo most of the times your flight were always delayed may refund ba kayo sa mga tao!! wala ni piso, all you said we're sorry for the delay we'll make it up to you next time!! * .Buti sana kung magpa2rebook eh you just double or triple the price pero hindi, pa as if pa kayong nagpro2mo pero yung mga tao binabanatan nyo. hinahanapan niyo lang ng konting gusot para makapaghuthot kayo.. tandaan niyo lalo na sa mga taong gumagawa ng mga rules niyo, hindi niyo mapa2kinabangan ang mga perang naku2ha niyo.. lalo nang hindi niyo yan madala sa libingan.. and you Maria-Mary Estrabillo - duty supervisor daw sa Mactan airport - cebu pacific sana hindi mangyari yan sa pamilya mo!!!you're a big big * !!!! Galing mong humarap and mag-entertain sa mga may pera!! Kakarmahin ka rin.. * .no wonder daming ngya2ring aksidente sa aircrafts niyo dahil sa mga kaga2guhan niyo.. Sobrang kawawa yung mga taong nada2may.. Cebu pacific is a professional holdapper!!!!

  10. I write with utter disgust at the treatment received by your airline, canceling the flight 5J792 Butuan to Manila on Tuesday 17th June 2014.
    My wife and I had arranged for 2 of her sisters to fly on this flight which was cancelled for no "real" reason and our guess is because you were under booked. Not the first time this has happened, as my wife experienced in 2011being forced to travel to Davao to pick up a flight to Manila. No help given and no transport provided with this or refund of terminal fee.Had she not been experienced enough to do this, would have missed her International Flight. Even doing this she had to wait for hours outside the airport. No security, protection or hotel provided.

    This time the chaos again prevails. Poor announcement, scramble for replacement tickets and my wife's sisters unable to get flight until 21st. How ridiculous and poor is that. They were at the airport 14.00hrs and the cancelation was at 16.00, 30 minutes later than advertised flight. They couldn't hear the announcement at the back of the waiting area and just followed the crowd. Ridiculous!
    What is worse the flight offered to them 21st June (after queuing for an hour). What do you expect your clients to do in the meantime, with luggage, hotel bookings and not to forget, onward travel and arrangements at the destination.
    Poor poor poor!
    We have used your airline for the last time and would rather pay for a proper airline, which looks after its clients. Basic Budget Airlines doesn't have to mean Basic Service. A Client is a Client regardless.
    In addition I will be recommending to our friends who travel to the Philippines,and others also, on social media to use Philippine Airlines budget service ,as they know the value of their clients and you clearly don't! And , as was in my wife's case, they fly, even when you don't preferring to make feeble excuses about the weather.

  11. We often fly with Cebu Pacific and never had problems with them except now when their website system had a problem. We booked a local flight and until the last page their site said "something went wrong. please try again" so we did. It was a successful booking. However, when we checked our email both flights got confirmed so we immediately called their customer service line and the first and second person who talked to us said to give them the flight we want to cancel and call back again after 24-48 hours if the status of cancellation was approved. When we called back again the third operator said we should have called them before booking another flight. What a stupid response since their site clearly said to try booking a flight again since something went wrong. When we asked for a person in a higher position to talk to so that he can actually give a decision, the operator said there's no one to talk to and instead go to their website and email a complaint. Really? Seriously? This is just a really stupid way of handling customer's service! Blamed a customer for their system's fault and the latter, talk about ripping off people's money.

  12. good to see the improving quality, modernity & professionalism...Staff is courteous & good customer experience while in the air. Pleasant staff who are connected & sincere. Only issue is the growing congestion in Manila, pilots continually apologizes for the inconvenience of poor infrastructure in the country...We appreciate Cebu Pacific's continued efforts to serve the public..


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