SEAIR Set to Debut as Tiger Airways Philippines

Southeast Asian Airlines is preparing to take advantage of the country's position as the next tiger economy in Asia by rebranding as Tiger Airways Philippines. 

Copyright Photo: Philippine Daily Inquirer
The airline will officially begin flying as Tiger Airways Philippines on July 10. But passengers may catch a glimpse of the newly branded carrier as early as July 3 when the first Tiger Airways Philippines aircraft makes its own debut.

Anxious to open new routes and take advantage of the increased demand for flights connecting the Philippines to its neighbours, CEO Olive Ramos says that the airline is eager and equipped to serve. "Tiger Airways is the leading airline and travel partner connecting people across Asia Pacific," says Ramos. "It is a distinguished regional brand that differentiates itself in terms of safety and reliability."

Ramos believes that passengers will enjoy Tiger Airways more than its competitors because its small fleet of five aircraft has enabled the airline to master the fundamental aspects of the business before concentrating on expansion. The CEO says that she monitors the performance of the entire fleet on a daily basis. "I get a text message right away when any of our flights are delayed," says Ramos. "My first question is: what help do you need?" The airline's culture values transparency with a focus on corrective action rather than punitive action.

With passengers constantly stressed by traffic, line ups, and waiting around at the airport, Ramos believes it is important that the airline makes the additional effort to ensure that passengers are comfortable and can enjoy peace of mind. "On Time Performance is important to us, but we do recognize there are certain variables that are non-controllable, such as airport congestion and immigration. These things we communicate readily with passengers," says Ramos. "For the controllable variables such as maintenance and staff, we have a rigid process for deploying aircraft on time and we have good partners in repairs and maintenance." The CEO stated in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer that as part of its efforts to take care of passengers, the airline offers free food if flights are delayed more than 3 hours. However, it is important to note that this is not a service enhancement unique to Tiger Airways but rather a requirement of all airlines under the Philippine Air Passenger Bill of Rights.

According to Ramos, the airline's staff are fully trained in how to communicate and deal with unsatisfied customers. She says that the airline ensures passengers are treated well by treating the cabin crew well. "Our staff can count on us to care about them and to treat them as professionals," says Ramos. The airline intends to showcase the warm and hospitable traits of the Filipino culture while raising the bar to set a standard as "the one to beat" in the future. 

Shortly after the launch of its new brand identity, Tiger Airways Philippines will be launching the only direct route between Kalibo and Singapore on July 18, 2013. The airline recently applied for flight entitlements to operate flights from Clark and Manila to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea. 

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