Tiger Airways Becomes TigerAir Philippines

Is it possible for a tiger to change its stripes? Well if you ask Tiger Airways, the answer is "absolutely!" That is exactly what the Tiger Airways Group did as part of a rebranding exercise which saw the relaunch of the carrier and its affiliates as TigerAir on July 3, 2013.

tigerair philippines
Photo Source: TigerAir Group
In addition to giving its website a makeover, the airline traded in its leaping tiger logo in exchange for a contemporary  rounded font featuring a black and orange Tigerair logo painted on the white fuselage of its aircraft. This will be the new corporate identity for the Tiger Airways Holdings group, the leading group of budget carriers in Asia with divisions in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

tigerair philippines
Photo Source: TigerAir Group
At a press conference held at Singapore's Changi Airport, Koay Peng Yen, CEO of Tiger Airways Holdings, stated that, "Leisure travel is all about accumulating great experiences and memories. We hope that the new TigerAir can represent relaxation, joy, and adventure in the hearts of our customers."

The new fresh and upbeat look is part of an overall effort of the airline to embody the nature of its friendly brand personality: warm, passionate, and genuine. But the look is not all that is changing.

New synergies between all of the airlines of TigerAir have created service enhancements which now enable passengers to book connecting flights between any of the partner airlines in Singapore, Indonesia, or the Philippines. Passengers will be able to connect effortlessly through Singapore without the need to clear immigration or transfer luggage. In the future, the airline also plans to introduce mobile and web check-in for all customers enabling passengers without luggage to proceed straight to the departure gate.

Introducing the new Tigerair

Why Change?

  • The airline wants to take advantage of the emotions and memories that play a role in travel by embracing the belief that travel is about enabling great experiences and memories. TigerAir wants to be a part of that by offering affordable air fares to empower people to chase their dreams leading to joy, relaxation, and wonderful new experiences. 
A New Logo
  • The new simplified Tigerair logo is designed to represent the brand's personality which is warm, passionate, and genuine. 
  • According to TigerAir, "The rounded fonts depict friendliness while the two dots, the first in grey and the second in orange, symbolises Tigerair's role in connecting customers from one point to another. The different coloured dots also depict a friendly wink. The orange semi-circle acts as a subtle reference to a tiger's tail, as well as a smile, representative of the passion and commitment."
Customer Enhancements
  • Introducing a brand new customer engagement system entitled "voice of the customer" aimed at obtaining feedback from passengers after each booking, flight, and call-center interaction. The feedback will be used to prioritise changes that need to be made  in the long term. 
  • The ability to make changes to flight bookings online from July 3 onwards.
  • Fare bundles that serve different needs of various travellers.
  • The ability to save by pre-purchasing meals and snacks online for all flights. 
  • More destinations throughout the Asia Pacific region.
  • Mobile and web check in for all passengers.
  • The ability to book connecting flights and enjoy a seamless connection process at Singapore. 
tigerair philippines
Photo Source: Clark International Airport

In the Philippines, the rebrand to TigerAir Philippines was commemorated at Clark Airport on July 4 with the arrival of a newly painted aircraft featuring the Tiger tail. The aircraft was welcomed by a traditional water cannon salute.The main portion of the fuselage on this aircraft was painted white and it is still unclear if the Tigerair logo will be painted on the side or if the 'It's More Fun in the Philippines' logo will remain.

tigerair philippines
Photo Source: Clark International Airport
Victor Luciano, President of Clark Airport promised to ensure that the airport will provide adequate facilities and train competent staff with international capabilities to ensure that the customer experience at Clark Airport will be positive for all TigerAir passengers. He commended TigerAir for being one of the fastest growing airlines in the Philippines. TigerAir Philippines' CEO Olive Ramos was also on hand and she thanked officials and staff at Clark Airport for the warm welcome. "We believe in Clark, and we are confident it will continue to grow," said Ramos.

tigerair philippines
Photo Source: Clark International Airport
Tiger Airways Holdings is head-quartered in Singapore. The group aspires to be the leading airline and travel partner connecting people across Asia Pacific. Clark International Airport is the international hub of TigerAir Philippines. The airline flies daily to Singapore and Hong Kong from Clark along with four weekly services to Kalibo and Bangkok. On July 18, TigerAir will be the first and only airline to launch a direct service between Kalibo and Singapore.

tiger air philippines

TigerAir Philippines now has a new Facebook page online at https://www.facebook.com/TigerAirPhilippines


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  2. hope they will add midnight flights (12am) for singapore to clark routes tenx and more power

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