Philippine Airlines Seeks Fuel Surcharges to Europe

In preparation for its highly anticipated return to Europe with direct flights to London beginning in November, Philippines Airlines is seeking approval from regulatory authorities to impose a fuel surcharge on its flights to Europe.
philippine airlines flights to heathrow
Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
In a petition filed with the Civil Aeronautics Board, Philippine Airlines requested to impose a $170 fuel surcharge on flights bound for Europe. In addition to its flights to London, Philippine Airlines has identified Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Madrid, and Frankfurt as other target European routes.

The Civil Aeronautics Board is scheduled to review the proposed fuel surcharges on September 24. Meanwhile, Cebu Pacific is also filing a petition to increase its fuel surcharge on routes to South Korea. The airline has applied to increase fuel surcharges up to $58 on routes from Manila to Incheon and Busan as well as Cebu to Incheon and Busan. Cebu Pacific's proposal will be reviewed on September 25.

Philippine Airlines will begin service to London on November 4, 2013 with five weekly flights aboard a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The route is expected to be one of the most competitive for Philippine Airlines who will face a number of challenges including fare wars with established Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian carriers.


  1. Why add a fee for "fuel surcharge"? It should simply be included in the fare.
    In a way, advertising fares without including the fuel surcharge is deceptive.

  2. Here in the European Union airline advertising with fares such as "Flights to Manila starting at € 99.00*" (* = plus taxes/fees/fuel surcharges") is prohibited. In advertising only inclusive fares are allowed to be used. However, when look at the fare split-up e.g. in a reservation system, you will still frequently find grotesque fares such as Frankfurt-Dubai (via Paris) for EUR 20.00 plus EUR 434.38 taxes and fees. Of course, child reductions etc. only apply to the base fare...

  3. I remember PAL serving London, Amsterdam, Rome, Zurich
    in the early 80's; actually I even flew them. Now they are going back again after 3 decades of absence. PAL, please be competitive; do not be frugal in every way so you will succeed now.

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