Fil-Asian Airways Awaiting CAAP Authorization to Launch Flights

In spite of declaring the launch of its highly anticipated service last June and staging an inaugural flight, Fil-Asian Airways is yet to commence operations citing delays caused by requirements imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. 

fil-asian airways ys 11
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In a statement released by airline management on the company's Facebook page, the airline apologized to its anxious customers for the inconveniences caused by the delayed launch of the carrier's flights. The airline's aircraft remain parked in the general aviation area at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 

"Currently, we are upgrading our Aircraft Avionics system as mandated to us by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines," stated Fil-Asian management in the public statement. "We are already at the last stages of the upgrading and we have already made a schedule with the CAAP certifying team to check the upgraded equipment."

With the latest development and updates, the carrier says that it is now evaluating a new possible date to begin its regularly scheduled service. The airline was supposed to begin direct service from Manila to Tablas and Masbate on June 22, 2013. Fil-Asian Airways is planning to connect travellers to destinations in Mindanao, the Visayas, and Manila utilizing its fleet of 64 seat Japanese built YS-11 turboprop aircraft. 


  1. Fil asian airways is a fake company.we inquire with the civil aviation authority of the philippines and got to know that they dont have any permit to operate an airline.they even hired many pilots and they took big amount from each pilot of around 40000-50000 US Dollars promising that they will get a guaranteed job. I just had a word with few employees and came to the conclusion that this company doesnt have any good plans as they didnt pay the salary to the pilots for more than a year even after getting loads of amount from them. Be carefull guys.

    1. I think you better inquire from Civil Aeronautics Board first since it is published in their website that Fil-Asian Airways has a (CPCN) Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to operate a non- scheduled air taxi service which is a requirement prior to (AOC) Air Operator Certificate issued by CAAP. If you want to check the legality of an airline don't ask any pilot or just anybody pretending to be from CAAP when in fact they are just fixers themselves. They are not the authority and know nothing about legality, ask the head himself or request for verification. There are lots of foreign pilots holding fake licenses in the Philippines so beware also.

    2. Mr. November 1. Your company is totally a scammer. And why are you trying to defend Fil Asian and you know in the first place the owner certain Capt. Ronan D. Villanueva has a pending estafa cases and black listed by the banks for non-payment of loans. So I hope you make your own research and background check. He is also known to have pending thief cases for stealing a leased aircraft from Australia and U.S.

  2. A BIG FRAUD- up until now all refunds for our ticket has not yet been returned, email and phone-calls were left unanswered.

  3. All fil asian staff should be arrested "as soon as possible" ..its necessary to stop further crime and reputation of philippines simultaneously..but we heard that philippines law enforcement agencies i.e. Polise and other govt. Agencies r too slow to give this matter a full stop..i think philippines flight network should look into this and call abs-cbn to expose these fraud people before they cheap many inocent people. I think after reading this reply at least someone will take action.

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