Manila Airport Employees Playing Computer Games Punished

Angry netizens are questioning whether it's more fun in the Philippines for government employees or for travellers as two Ninoy Aquino International Airport employees of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration were caught playing video games during work hours at Terminal 2.
ninoy aquino international airport employees
Image Source: Filipino Patriotism/Facebook
A photo circulating on Facebook showed two women playing video games on Facebook as they sat behind the counter at NAIA Terminal 2 while a long line of passengers clogged the airport entrance. The photo that was originally shared by the Filipino Patriotism Facebook page went viral with more than 4,000 shares and over 1,000 comments enduring much widespread criticism.

Some netizens have suggested that the photo is just a typical example of why the Ninoy Aquino International Airport has been repeatedly voted as the world's worst airport for three consecutive years. The Facebook page credited the blog, "Fashion Pulis" for sharing the photo. According to the blog, the photo was submitted by a Fashion Pulis reader.

Airport officials confirmed that the employees identified were employees of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration counter in the north wing of NAIA Terminal 2. The counter is used by overseas Filipino workers who have their overseas employment certificates stamped. According to airport officials, management of the airport has no direct authority to supervise the employees of another government agency.

Netizens from across the Philippines have expressed their outrage upon seeing the photo. Many shared stories about Philippine government employees suggesting that they are often rude and should be fired for prioritizing video games over work. Others suggested that such employees bring shame to the country and should be replaced. Airport officials were disappointed that the photo was released just as the airport was once again named the world's worst airport. Many passengers blame such poor employee behaviour as a primary reason that the airport is constantly voted the world's worst. Officials have confirmed that even during a break, the counter at Terminal 2 should be staffed and that games should never be played at work.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is taking full responsibility for the incident and is taking serious action against the employees. According to Hans Leo Cacdac, Administator of the POEA, the two employees have now been transferred from NAIA Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. Those that are familiar with NAIA Terminal 1 know that such a move is a punishment in itself but the government agency did not stop there. The employees have been given three days to explain their behaviour before an investigation begins. It is expected that one of the workers that is a contractual employee may be fired while the second employee could face a number of sanctions ranging from suspension to a simple reprimand.


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