SkyJet Overshoots Runway on Balesin Island

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines is investigating an incident involving a chartered SkyJet Airlines aircraft that overshot the runway while landing on the island resort of Balesin on Saturday, October 19.

magnum air accident balesin
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The SkyJet British Aerospace 146-200 aircraft was chartered by the Alphaland Corporation, the owner and operator of Balesin Island Club. The jet was carrying 68 passengers and 7 crew on board including Health Secretary Enrique Ona and RCBC President Lorenzo Tan. It departed Ninoy Aquino Terminal 4 in Manila on Saturday morning for the 30-minute flight to Balesin, located in Quezon province. But according to officials from Alphaland, the plane overshot the runway during landing at approximately 11:49am.

"The plane overshot the runway during landing," said Joanna Duarte, Alphaland SVP for Sales & Marketing. "No one was injured in the incident." She added that flights to and from the island would continue without interruption and that club management would take measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the club's flight operations.

According to John Andrews, Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, the aircraft's pilot, Captain Maximo Rosales, miscalculated the island's runway causing the aircraft to plunge around 200 meters away from the end of the air strip. He added that the aircraft's nosewheel was damaged when it got partially submerged in the sea water. Captain Rosales was assisted by First Officer Jatico.

The condition of the aircraft registered RP-C5525 remains unclear. However, the Civil Aviation Authority is continuing their investigation. Of the seventy five passengers on board the aircraft, nobody was seriously injured.

Balesin Island is located east of Mauban in Quezon province beside the Polillo Islands. It rests at the gate of Lamon Bay, one of the richest fishing grounds in the Pacific. Alphaland Corporation charters aircraft to bring its elite guests to the exclusive Balesin Island Club.


  1. This is why ICAO is promoting flight procedures for all runway ends. That will give pilots better guidance and avoid 'dive and drive' approach, especially for challenging airports & runways.

  2. 'miscalculated the island's runway'- what the hell is that supposed to mean apart from a non-prejudicial way of saying that the crew screwed up! This kind of accident typifies poor training (probably the biggest culprit), poor airmanship, poor crew co-operation, poor everything, poor supervision by the charterer and authority. This part of the world is becoming a graveyard for the 146/RJ and why?....because the owners are picking up cheap jets and putting the cheapest, least experienced crews in them. The 146/RJ is a supremely capable aircraft in the right hands. Unfortunately, those hands, largley found in 'the West' are becoming rarer as experience dwindles and goes elsewhere. It is still around but it is, rightly, expensive and the cowboys operating the 146/RJ are not prepared to pay. Two old sayings are true here:'you pay peanuts and you get....' and 'you get what you pay for'. Never a truer words.

    1. Totally agree with you, poor or even lack of training & very incompetent company SKYJET/MAGNUM. after all, they only have ONE plane. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how a pilot will want to land his jet MIDWAY at the welcome center !
      The runway is 1,5 KMS take note!
      Unbelievable incompetence!
      Mr Maximo Rosales (supposedly the Captain) & First Officer are now suspended (checkout the latest news)
      I hope Alphaland Corp will thoroughly check on the pilots if tehy charter planes.
      Having taken so many flights to the island in the Alphaland owned Jet stream & Cessna Grand Caravan, we never had any problems.
      Alphaland has excellent & very competent pilots.

    2. PAL Express did a trial flight into Balesin with a Q400 some time ago, They didn't take on a regular service.....
      Balesin is not a Licensed Airfield however, if you apply ICAO Annex 14 criteria you may find that that the Balesin runway is unsuitable for a 146-200 series aircraft.


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