SkyJet Suspends Flights, Pilots Grounded

The investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines into an accident involving a chartered SkyJet aircraft continues as the airline is forced to temporarily suspend operations while it acquires another aircraft. The SkyJet Airlines British Aerospace 146-200 (RP-C5525) chartered by Alphaland Corporation for guests of the exclusive Balesin Island Resort overshot the runway as it was landing on the 1,200 meter strip of Balesin Island last Saturday, October 19.

Image Source: April Jarin/Statigram
According to John Andrews, Deputy Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, the aircraft landed very low on the middle portion of the runway and overshot it by 200 meters. The four-engined jet hit a fence and swerved nearly ninety degrees and damaged its nose. Initial reports suggest that the aircraft is a write-off after it was inundated by a subsequent high tide. The Civil Aviation Authority reported that pictures showing the aircraft submerged in water were only a result of the high tide that subsequently arrived after the aircraft made its crash landing and all 68 passengers safely disembarked.

Although the majority of passengers escaped without any severe injuries, the Civil Aviation Authority stated that one passenger's nose was broken while others sustained minor bruising. Meanwhile, CAAP has grounded both pilots of the aircraft, Captain Maximo Rosales and First Officer Jatico pending the on-going investigation. The aircraft has yet to be removed and CAAP has already determined that it can no longer be used again. The Civil Aviation Authority reports that it has not located any certification attached to the aircraft so far. If there is no certification in the final investigation, the airline may be grounded and its air operator's certificate may be revoked. CAAP also intends to investigate the responsibility and role of Alphaland Corporation in the incident.

Although SkyJet Airlines has not released any formal statements regarding the accident, it did respond to questions posted by users on its Facebook page. When asked by a Facebook user as to why the aircraft overshot the runway, the airline replied: "Overshots are human errors only. Keep in mind that behind every power jet, no matter how perfect the calculations are, the one in control is still just a person. Something as small as the change of wind pressure or a flock of birds moving toward the nose gear can change the momentum. Let us not miss the fact that no one was harmed. This alone should speak of how competent and well skilled our pilots are. Thank you!"

Given that the aircraft involved in the accident was the carrier's only aircraft, unconfirmed reports suggest that the airline has temporarily suspended flights and ticket sales for the month of November. But SkyJet has assured users on its Facebook page that it will be able to service passengers from December onwards. The airline responded to questions regarding the aircraft that it is in the process of acquiring an additional British Aerospace 146 aircraft. However, the model scheduled to arrive will be a 76-seat 100 series whereas the airline was previously operating a 94-seat 200 series model. According to representatives of SkyJet, the airline is just waiting for the documentation to be processed prior to taking delivery of the aircraft. The representative added that the 100 series aircraft would enable the airline to service more airports including Caticlan, Tablas, Catarman, and Calbayog. By early next year, the airline is expecting to add additional aircraft to the fleet. The airline added that previously planned flights to Surigao are currently on hold.


  1. HELLO !!! Please think again SKYJET! Definitely LACK OF TRAINING & INCOMPETENCE and LACK OF SKILLS will make your pilot overshoot a runway.WHO LANDED MIDWAY at a welcome center- midway of the runway
    BUT Extensive training , Skills & Competence will minimize errors, regardless of the situation.And close to perfection is achievable! Specially that the fleet???of SKYJET IS ONLY ONE PLANE....
    This is just a matter of one's standards in life.
    One Plane? That's it??? And you get this kind of service? Keep your pilot & first officer.. & CAAP , may we request please keep them suspended instead of endangering peoples lives!
    I think anybody knows that even in land, you cannot afford any miscalculations. More so, up in the air!
    Thank God, that CAAP is thoroughly investigating the Skyjet/owned by MAGNUM Air (Chaired by a certain Mr JOEL MENDOZA) and their pilot (MAXIMO ROSALES) & First Officer JATICO suspended!

    1. hey stupid, are you actually in that flight?? wala ka naman alam kaya wag ka magsalita.. bobo ka naman.. pano mo nalaman na sa gitna naglang yung aircraft?? just shut up and kill your self stupid!

    2. hey.i think youre right but i think its not right for you to judge these people your way. oo nga nman . di mo nman cguro alam ung buong nangyari kc wala ka dun.

    3. Hey, if ones life is in the hands of a supposed TRAINED crew, and the pilot can't land the plane?? Yea, he stupied all right.

  2. It's about time the CAAP review all the carriers training and maintenance programs. We've even seen instances where some carriers didn't even carry enough fuel to make a go-around, execute a missed approach, let alone divert to an alternate. Airline pressure to conserve fuel or maintain a schedule has never been an excuse to compromise safety. Sure pilots are human, but arriving at an airport they'd never been before and landing long, was avoidable and as we see, has consequences. Investigations are fine, but without prudent follow up by regulatory agencies they're pointless. Let's all work to remove this stigma from the Philippines general transportation reputation in general, both in aviation and maritime.

  3. What is now the update with Skyjet and the CAAP investigation? Thanks.

  4. Is that the way you measure your pilot competency, overshot the runway and no one was harm? damn airline. Your lucky that beach is at the end of the runway. What if that a forest or solid rock?


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