Belgium Contributes to Philippine Relief Effort

The European country of Belgium added to the on-going relief efforts in the Philippines with the arrival of their first aircraft in Cebu on November 13.

belgium aid typhoon haiyan
Copyright Photo: Gerard Montejo/PPSG
The Airbus A330 military aircraft was filled with supplies destined for Tacloban along with aid workers specialising in a number of areas including water purification and medical care. The rapid intervention team deployed was tasked with setting up a fully equipped field hospital utilising its team of 35 experienced nurses and doctors. A water purification station would also be added.

In an interview with media last week, Belgian team leader, Rene Wagemans, outlined the group's mission in the Philippines. "We really are in a hurry to get as quickly as possible to Tacloban, in order to send our advanced medical post and our water purification station, which will then bring some relief to the affected population."

The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan continues to rise while the United Nations estimated that nearly 660,000 people were displaced with many not having any access to water, food, or medicine.

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