Clark Airport Will Link With North Integrated Luzon Railway

Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya has revealed that the government is considering linking Clark International Airport with the proposed North Integrated Luzon Railway. The $2.5 billion Philippine National Railways project is planned to run from Sorsogon, Bicol to the Cagayan Valley. But Abaya says that a link to Clark International Airport will also be part of the project. 

clark airport rail link
Image Source: Philippine National Railways
"It would not be difficult to run a spur leg along those rails servicing Clark," said Abaya. "That is how we see a rail system servicing Clark." The government currently does not have an estimated cost of the extended railway project. Abaya added that the cost of the project will be known pending completion of a feasibility study.

The Bicol Regional Development Council announced in August that a feasibility study would be undertaken shortly and that it was expected to be completed within the year. The Public Private Partnership Center of the Philippines has partnered with a CPCS Transcom, a Canadian consulting firm, to undertake the study of the project. 

The goal of the study is to explore the viability of an expanded Luzon railway network as an affordable, convenient, and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation for people and goods. The study will cover the entire Philippine National Railway 700-kilometre north and south rail networks. The Luzon Integrated Railways project is one of the most ambitious proposals placed on the agenda of the government's public private partnership program. 

There is growing interest in the country for the rail industry to be placed at the centre of the national agenda. The Metro Manila Development Authority and a number of other local organizations have expressed interest and support in connecting the north and south Philippine rail networks with the Metro Manila system. According to proponents of the project, rail service offers a unique and distinctive perspective of the Philippine countryside for domestic and foreign tourists offering unrestricted views of natural attractions including the Mayon Volcano, Cagsawa Ruins, and the mountains and farmlands of Bicol. 

Meanwhile, Abaya reaffirmed the government's plans to pursue a dual airport system consisting of Clark International Airport and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He added that there may even be a three-airport system. However, the location for a third airport is still under study. Abaya said that the government would continue to support development at Clark but they will not put all of their eggs in one basket. In addition to extending the present terminal building at Clark, the government recently announced plans to construct a 45,000-square metre low cost carrier terminal as early as next year. 


  1. Ayan na naman c abaya walang katapusang for life na plan.ay naku

  2. Transform sangley point airport into turboprops hub.malapit lang ang cavite less than 10 km lang yata.walang rason sabihin na malayo...hayan,papuntang boracay transfer na!

    1. Tama para naman mabawasan ang trapik sa worlds worst airport na super chaka,sing chaka sa pagmumukha ng naia managers

  3. We really need a new airport as I speak. The Integrated Luzon Railway is not enough to link a much distant airport like CLARK itself. CLARK AIRPORT is much served for Northern and Central Luzon only. But, how about US here (in Manila)? Hindi naman pwedeng CLARK ang susi sa lahat ng mga problema, why other places feasible for airport construction, just only 30-40 km away from Manila?
    - James

  4. Puro plan, plan, plan. Walang aksyon, aksyon aksyon.
    Ano nang nangyari sa Panay rail, Mindanao rail, Cebu lrt, MRT7, north rail, Lri bacoor extension ??? Puro kasi plan, plan, plan. Wala naming nangyayari. Hindi na ako bastabasta naniniwala sa mga nababasa ko! Kupad ng gobyerno! Iba nalang ang lokohin nyo! Puro kayo drawing, buset !!

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