Dutch Government Sends 29 Tons of Relief

The Dutch Government has dispatched a Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10 to the Philippines to assist in on-going relief efforts following the devastation left by Typhoon Haiyan.

royal dutch air force kdc 10 philippines
Copyright Photo: Christian Preinl/Planespotters.net
The aircraft departed from Eindhoven on Thursday. It will be transporting a number of relief supplies from non-profit and relief organizations including 29 tons of tarpaulins,water purifiers, medicines, and drinking water. Solar lighting will also be included as part of the relief package. 

The Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development was shocked by the images coming out of the Philippines. She referred to the scale of the tragedy and suffering of the victims and their families as unimaginable and asked everyone to do what they could to help. The deployment of the aircraft comes in addition to the financial contributions of the Dutch government.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is maintaining an on-going dialogue with the United Nations and  European Union with regard to possible further assistance. Meanwhile, government officials believe that the supplies and team aboard the aircraft will be able to make a difference in the Philippines. 

The Government of the Netherlands indicated that there are currently 23 Dutch nationals in the Philippines that have not been accounted for. However, the government has not declared them as missing given the present technical conditions in the country that are preventing normal communications. The Philippine Coast Guard confirmed on Thursday the death of a 69-year-old Dutch tourist whose body was found on Monday near the Western island of Palawan. The tourist was apparently on a diving holiday.

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