Japan Joins Relief Efforts, May Send Up to 1000 Additional Troops

The Japanese Government announced on Tuesday that it would dispatch 40 members of its Self-Defense Forces to aid in the relief efforts that are on-going in the Philippines.

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Image Source: Japan Ground Self Defense Force
The soliders will participate in medical support and transport operations according to officials in Tokyo. The work will be primarily focused on the devastated city of Tacloban. The provincial capital was the first Philippine city to be liberated by the Americans from Japan's occupying forces in 1944. 

Tokyo also announced that it would contribute $10 million in aid to provide evacuees with emergency shelters and additional help through various aid organizations. According to Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary, the decision to send troops followed a request from Manila. "We hope to make every effort to get the aid to the people who need it as soon as possible," said Suga. He added that the number of troops will be increased if the situation on the ground warrants it. 

Meanwhile, the Japanese government revealed that it is ready to send an additional 1,000 more troops, three naval ships, and a number of aircraft to help with the continuing relief efforts. A spokesperson with the Japanese Defence Ministry said that they are in consultation with the Philippine government as to the size of the delegation that is needed in the country. If the 1,000 troops are sent, it will be the largest single relief operation team that the Japanese Self-Defence Forces ever deployed abroad. 

japan self defense forces typhoon
Copyright Photo: Bob Reyes/PPSG
A group of 25 people serving with the Japanese emergency medical team arrived in the Philippines on Monday while the team of 40 serving with the Self-Defence Forces arrived in Manila on Wednesday afternoon aboard a Boeing 767. The team will engage in clean-up and restoration work as soon as possible. It will also provide support for medical and transport operations. 

The Japanese Government reports that approximately 133 Japanese nationals are known to be living on the islands in the affected region with their Filipino spouses. Tokyo has only been able to confirm the safety of 27 individuals. 

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  1. Not since WW2 that the Japanese military has set foot in this country, but this is the year 2013 and today the past is buried deep behind.

    Domo arrigato tomadachi.


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