Sweden Joins Relief Efforts in Philippines

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has accepted an offer by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency to supply equipment and personnel to assist in the relief operations currently under way in the Philippines to aid the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. 

sweden aid philippines
"Staff load a Hercules plane with relief equipment for the Phlippines at Orebro airport in central Sweden."
Copyright Photo: Per Knutsson/AP/TT News Agency
The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency reported that it would dispatch personnel and equipment for two base camps on Monday that could supply tents for accommodation and work space as well as internet and telephone communications. 

The personnel and equipment bound for the Philippines will be contributed by Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and Luxembourg. The two teams to be dispatched will be composed of 21 field staff of which eight are from Sweden. The team will include electricians, technicians, medical staff, IT and satellite communications experts and water purification experts. 

The government of Sweden has allocated $3 million in financial aid to support the relief effort. "Shortly after launch on Monday, a Hercules aircraft will take off from Ã–rebro Airport for the Philippines, carrying base camps and communications equipment. The camps have space for 60 UN personnel," said the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency in a press statement. "The Swedish base camps will be a hub for the UN's disaster relief organizations on the scene. From these camps, UN field staff will be able to help those affected."

Meanwhile, Carl Bildt, Foreign Minister of Sweden, suggested that a flight may be dispatched to assist stranded Swedes in the disaster zone. "We haven't received any such requests but can't rule out anything in these situations," said Bildt. As many as twenty Swedish nationals are feared missing in the Philippines following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan. The Swedish minister added that the communications equipment being sent would contribute positively to the relief efforts. "That has become something of a speciality for us," said Bildt. "Ericsson helps us with that in general. We set up the communication for internet very quickly as it is absolutely crucial to co-ordinate the relief efforts and help people find each other."

Bildt will be meeting with 51 other foreign ministers in India where the focus of the agenda is expected to be tackling the disaster in the Philippines.

The Swedish foreign ministry reports that approximately 2,000 Swedish nationals are based in the Philippines. Of that number, approximately 200 are permanent residents while the rest are made up of backpackers and tourists. 


  1. Many many thanks to Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and other EU countries that are taking part in the typhoon relief efforts.

    Heart felt thank you goes out to Asean countries showing their their kindness. Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and the Peoples Republic of China.

    We are all residents of this planet, it behooves us to take good care of each other and share in mother earths bounties efficiently. It is fervently hoped that the lessons learned in the aftermath of this typhoon maybe remembered and that we should also take good care of mother earth for she is our only home.



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