USS George Washington Deployed to Philippines

The US Military is stepping up its humanitarian aid efforts after the Pentagon revealed on Monday that it was deploying the USS George Washington aircraft carrier along with other Naval ships and more troops to the Philippines to assist in the recovery efforts.
uss george washington typhoon haiyan
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An additional 100 Marines were deployed on Tuesday afternoon from Okinawa aboard a KC-130 aircraft. Meanwhile, the USS George Washington is ending a port call in Hong Kong earlier than expected and has been ordered to head toward the Philippines. They will join the existing US military equipment and personnel that has already been deployed in the region. The US military has set up staging areas at Villamor Air Base in Manila and the former Clark Air Base in Angeles City. 

The USS George Washington strike group is expected to arrive off the Philippines in the next two to three days. It is carrying 5,000 sailors and more than 80 aircraft to join the humanitarian effort. The USS George Washington will be accompanied by a Navy supply ship, USNS Charles Drew, the destroyer USS Mustin, and two cruiser vessels, USS Cowpens and USS Antietam. The USS Lassen destroyer already departed on Monday to join the relief efforts.

uss george washington typhoon haiyan
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The USS George Washington can officially carry up to 6,250 crew members. Four distilling units on board can product 1.5 million litres of potable water per day while the food service divisions serve 18,000 meals each day. The vessel also carries 2,520 refrigeration tons of air conditioning capacity which is enough to cool more than 2,000 homes. 

"The aircraft carrier, which carries 5,000 sailors and more than 80 aircraft, is currently in Hong Kong for a port visit," said Pentagon Press Secretary George Little. "The crew is being recalled early from shore leave and the ship is expected to be under way later this evening." The ships have been ordered to "make best speed" toward the Philippines. The carrier will be able to provide aircraft and helicopters to support the relief efforts. "As needed, these ships and aircraft will be able to provide humanitarian assistance, supplies, and medical care in support of the ongoing efforts led by the government and military of the Republic of the Philippines," said Little. 

uss george washington typhoon haiyan
Image Source: US Navy/Wikimedia
In addition to the military support, the United States is also distributing $20 million in immediate relief aid including emergency shelter, food, and water through the USAID program in the Philippines.  


  1. Hooray, USS GW! Ship ahoy, all of you sirs! Thanks for coming, we need your help. Yolanda was so harsh and mean to us. Tacloban is down, wiped out by the monstrous Y. Best wishes, and good luck, hope you enjoy your stay!


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