Philippines Expresses Gratitude to Boeing Company

The delivery of a brand new Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER jet was used as a relief flight last month after officials from the Boeing company based in Seattle, United States made a formal request to Philippine Airlines to load the flight with relief goods on its maiden delivery to Manila.

philippine airlines relief flight
Image Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer
The Philippine government thanked the Boeing company and the Boeing Employees Association for their efforts to support the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts. The Boeing company made a generous $250,000 donation while the Boeing Employees Association raised more than $450,000. 

A ceremony was held at the Boeing Factory in Seattle last month just prior to the take off of the Philippine Airlines Boeing 777 delivery flight. The ceremony was attended by Philippine Consul General Marciano Paynor who thanked the company and its employees on behalf of the people of the Philippines.

As part of the ceremony, guests and delegates were treated to a tour of the Boeing factory and a special lunch just prior to the blessing of the aircraft that flew to the Philippines as flight PR 772. The aircraft carried 3,000 tarps and ropes that were donated by World Vision to assist in the relief and rebuilding efforts. 

Paynor added a word of thanks to World Vision for its contribution to the relief efforts and an acknowledgement to Philippine Airlines for generously transporting the nine pallets of equipment donations that weighed approximately one ton.

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