Mobile Phones Now Okay While Flying

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines has now declared that the use of mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices is now permitted during flights under certain conditions.

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In a statement released last week, the Civil Aviation Authority released new guidelines covering the conditional use of transmitting portable electronic devices, music players, and the global system for mobile communication on-board aircraft on all commercial flights operating within or en-route over the territorial jurisdiction of the Philippines. 

"We are removing the restriction on the use of cell phones since we believe we know it does not impair the safety of flights," said John Andrews, CAAP Deputy Director General. "There's no safety issue involved. Now the airlines will either have to comply with it or make their own adjustments as far as the restriction is concerned." 

Passengers will now be able to use laptops, internet or short-message-service, or voice communications, and other broadband services while travelling on board aircraft under the following conditions:
  • When the aircraft doors are still open, passengers may use electronic devices, unless the Pilot-In-Command or Senior Cabin Crew specifically announces its prohibition. 
  • All electronic devices must be switched off while the aircraft is re-fuelling. 
  • When the aircraft doors are closed, all electronic devices including games must be switched to silent mode and only texting and internet usage is permitted. 
  • MP3 Players will only be permitted with ear phones and not with any speakers or amplifiers.
In-flight calling is not permitted when the aircraft doors are closed with the exception of the global system for mobile communication on board aircraft as long as it does not interfere with the orderly conduct of the flight. 

However, although the Civil Aviation Authority is permitting the use of electronic devices on aircraft, it is leaving the final decision with airlines that will have the final say on whether mobile devices and other electronic devices will be allowed on their flights. 

"We do not expect the airlines to immediately comply with this because they will have to change some of their announcements," said Andrews. "But it is up to the airlines whether they confirm with the lifting of the restriction." He added that the Civil Aviation Authority is not allowing the use of mobile phones for talking but rather texting and internet use only. In addition, phones must be switched onto silent mode. Andrews cited the example of 100 passengers trying to talk on their mobile phones simultaneously while in-flight. 

The decision by the Philippine Civil Aviation Authority follows a similar move under consideration by the US Federal Aviation Administration that has drawn mixed reviews from frequent travellers and airline crew members. In the United States, American and United Airlines stated that they would wait for a decision by the Federal Communications Commission before studying the issues while Delta Air Lines made a firm response stating that their passenger feedback showed an "overwhelming" support for the ban. Low cost carriers JetBlue and Southwest also reaffirmed a desire to maintain silence adding however if the practice becomes culturally acceptable and personal desires change, then the airlines would consider it.

Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, responded to the idea on his Twitter account asking, "Do we really need this?" American frequent flyer Benjamin Stolt commented that allowing calls isn't as much of a safety issue as it is one of social acceptance. "There are simply far too many people who consider themselves too important to stop talking as a courtesy to other passengers, especially when, given airplane background noise, they'll probably have to talk louder than usual," said Stolt. Several Philippine flyers and airline crews are likely relieved to hear that the Civil Aviation Authority is not permitting the use of mobile phones for talking while in-flight. Last year, Business Insider revealed 13 basic rules for airplane passenger etiquette.

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