Cebu Pacific Suspends Supervisor That Offloaded Sick Boy

Cebu Pacific has suspended a supervisor at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 that offloaded a sick boy that was bound for a surgery in Vietnam over an allegedly damaged passport.

cebu pacific Mark Rotanel
Image Source: RJ Pajaro/Facebook
Station manager Mark Rotanel outraged netizens when a story erupted on the internet that he had denied boarding to a sick boy that was scheduled for a flight to Vietnam on March 15 because his passport appeared to be damaged. According to Cebu Pacific employees at NAIA Terminal 3, Rotanel was placed on preventive suspension pending a complete investigation.

Cebu Pacific now faces a complaint filed by the mother of the boy, Regina Palileo. In an interview with ABS-CBN, the mother claimed that Rotanel prevented the child from boarding because his passport contained loose pages and a fold. When she attempted to plea with Rotanel that the passport could still be used, Palileo claims that the airline official became rude and shouted at her.

Palileo's son suffers from a congenital lung ailment and was headed to Vietnam for a surgery. A number of passengers witnessed the event and expressed their outrage over the internet. One passenger, RJ Pajaro, described what happened on his Facebook account and posted a picture of Rotanel whom he referred to as "heartless."

The post went viral on social media garnering more than 25,000 shares and over 6,000 likes since it was first posted. The Cebu Pacific Facebook page was inundated with posts from concerned netizens expressing their outrage at the behaviour of Rotanel and the airline. Many threatened to boycott the airline if it did not address the issue and help the family.

The majority of users on Facebook attacked the manager, Rotanel, over the improper handing of the passengers and failing to do anything to assist them. Facebook user Kristina Orilla commented, "The nerve of some people...How heartless," while Rick Bella commented that, "Your manager is a front-line representative of your airline and his actions are disgraceful, if not utterly abonimable that reflect most poorly on your image and customer commitment." Aqeel Adnan C. Al-Mahdaly added that, "Some people are well educated but unfortunately, not well mannered."

The Manila International Airport Authority endorsed the complaint to the Civil Aeronautics Board, which has asked Cebu Pacific to provide comment on the case. Upon learning of Palileo's predicament, the MIAA contacted the Department of Foreign Affairs, which assisted the family by issuing an temporary passport on Sunday.

Cebu Pacific eventually rebooked the Palileo's flight for the following evening at no charge and apologized profusely over the incident. In its latest statement regarding the incident issued on Tuesday, Cebu Pacific apologized over the way the incident was handled.

“We acknowledge that we could have exerted more patience and compassion in explaining the situation to them last Saturday, and for this we sincerely apologize," said Cebu Pacific in the statement. "Rest assured we are looking into how this was handled, and we will take the necessary administrative action."


  1. Good action Cebu Pacific management. Discipline your people (staff) if their actions are unreasonable, rude and ruthless towards passenger(s).

  2. mabuti nga sa iyo...


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