Delta Airlines Transferring to NAIA 3

After years of suffering, passengers of Delta Airlines flying out of Manila will no longer need to endure the unbearable conditions of NAIA Terminal 1, often referred to as the "World's Worst Airport," after Delta Airlines announced that it will be transferring its operations to the newer NAIA Terminal 3.

delta boeing 747
Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
In a statement released earlier this week, Delta revealed that its existing routes to Tokyo and Nagoya in Japan will continue to operate but will depart from Terminal 3 starting on August 1. Delta Airlines is the first carrier to announce that it will be moving after the Department of Transportation and Communications urged a group of foreign carriers to relocate to the newer Terminal 3 when it is fully completed in July. 

In January, Jose Honrado, General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority, asked Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, KLM, Emirates, and Delta to shift operations to Terminal 3 as soon as possible. The move is part of an effort to decongest the older Terminal 1 in preparation for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in 2015.

delta airlines boeing 747
Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
Meanwhile, rehabilitation work continues at NAIA Terminal 3 in order to finally complete the terminal so that it can operate at maximum capacity. The rehabilitation project includes upgrades to baggage handling systems, gate coordination, computer terminals, flight information displays, and fire protection systems.

When Delta Airlines transfers operations to Terminal 3 in August, it will be only the second foreign carrier to operate from the terminal joining All Nippon Airways of Japan. 


  1. Has all the legal business been cleared up over Terminal 3 about the money owned by the government to FraPort?

    1. There are those who say it has not and that officials in the Erap and GMA administrations made off with a load of money on this.

  2. Oh come on now I have heard it is 'more fun in the Philippines'... It is not more fun to queue in many more lines and to do many more procedures? How can it be referred to as the 'worlds worst airport' when it is giving away free extras like bullets in passengers suitcases and other great incentives like that? And the leader of this great place, he said that he had been to the US before and it was "lousy", so it must be a great place if a genius like him said so. After all, he is such a smart guy! He once was gay and cured himself of that. So it is established now because of this genius that homosexuality is a curable disease, maybe if we approach him in a dignified manner he won't kill us in the middle of the night and claim we are pushing methamphetamines but instead will share his secret for during homosexuality? And hey I hear he says it is okay for police and government officials to accept bribes er... I mean 'gifts'... What a great place! How can it POSSIBLY have such a terrible airport as this article suggests? ;)

  3. *secret for curing homosexuality


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