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GMR-Megawide Reveals Plans for Mactan-Cebu International Airport

The consortium of India-based GMR Airports and Megawide Construction Corporation have revealed a design on their Facebook page of what they refer to as the "world's first resort airport." The new design will be implemented at Mactan-Cebu International Airport if the consortium is awarded the contract.

mactan cebu airport gmr megawide
Image Source: GMR Megawide Facebook
Although the consortium has yet to be awarded the contract, that did not stop executives from Megawide from revealing their plans for the country's second busiest airport. "The Mactan-Cebu airport will be turned into a "resort-airport" facility with 20 aircraft parking stands with aerobridges," said Louie Ferrer, Chief Marketing Officer for Megawide Construction. "It will also have 13 aircraft parking stands to be served by bus transfers."

gmr megawide mactan cebu airport
Image Source: GMR Megawide Facebook
Ferrer also indicated that the new airport will feature separate domestic and international passenger terminals that will be connected by a link bridge. "The airport terminals will reflect the rich Cebuano heritage in a state of the art design with a soothing resort-like atmosphere conceptualized by international and Cebuano designers," said Ferrer.

mactan cebu airport gmr megawide
Image Source: GMR Megawide Facebook
With the new expansion, the number of check-in counters for domestic and international flights at Mactan-Cebu Airport is expected to increase from the existing 44 counters up to 149 check-in counters. There will also be unique retail and food outlets, airline lounges, and an enhanced automated baggage handling system. An adjoining "village mall" complex will be added for the benefit of travellers, visitors, employees, and well wishers.

According to Ferrer, the GMR Megawide consortium has what it takes to deliver the project. "The GMR Megawide consortium has proven that it has the credentials, expertise and financial capabilities to take on this prestigious project and deliver an airport that all Filipinos will be proud of and Cebuanos can call their own," said Ferrer.

mactan cebu airport gmr megawide
Image Source: GMR Megawide Facebook
The Department of Transportation and Communications is expected to award the contract for the Mactan-Cebu airport project as early as next week. Although Megawide-GMR submitted the highest bid for the project in December, awarding has been delayed as the Filinvest-Changi consortium have been pushing for the disqualification of GMR-Megawide on the basis of conflict of interest. Filinvest claims that bidding rules were violated but Megawide-GMR refuted the claims.

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  1. There has been so much interest about the would-be T2 design of MCIA and so far, only that of GMR-Megawide and Filinvest-Changi's design have been circulating. The third one that I have seen has a somewhat elliptical facade. It looks like a series of hangars. It also reminds me of a fig snack from the Middle East. It wasn't indicated, though, for which consortium it was designed -- maybe those working with the French or the Swiss.


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