Philippine Airlines Pursuing New Airport Projects with British Partner

Philippine Airlines is planning to partner with NATS Holdings, a leading British air navigation service provider for new airport development projects. 
Copyright Photo: Telegraph UK
According to the British Ambassador to the Philippines, Asif Ahmad, Philippine Airlines President Ramon Ang demonstrated interest in the technology being used at London's Heathrow Airport by NATS. 
"I remembered he agreed that he wants to work with NATS in the future and that if he takes another project, he now knows what NATS is capable of," said Ahmad. Ang has come up in a number of airport projects recently including the development of the Caticlan-Boracay Airport, the redevelopment of Mactan Cebu International Airport, and the possible construction of a new PAL Airport somewhere in Metro Manila. 
Ahmad noted that Ang was considering the construction of a new four-runway airport for Manila with a larger terminal that would be capable of effectively facilitating air and ground traffic to address the current congestion issues at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. But after seeing operations at Heathrow Airport, Ang was impressed at just how smooth and efficient traffic flow could be. "When he saw how Heathrow operates, he had time to consider his options," said Ahmad. 
Heathrow Airport is able to land and take-off planes every thirty seconds with only twelve people managing the control tower compared to seven minutes at Philippine international airports. 

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