I Left My Heart in a Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400 (Part II)

As Philippine Airlines prepares to retire the Boeing 747-400 from its fleet, join PapaLimaSierra as he takes us on a journey aboard the Queen of the Skies. In the second part of this two-part series, we travel with Philippine Airlines on a flight from San Francisco to Manila. This article is a tribute to the Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400.

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
After one month and eleven days in the United States, it was now time to go back to Manila. From San Francisco, we visited Reno/Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Mammoth Lakes during our stay all by road trip. We used to fly via Southwest Airlines in the past but my dad decided on doing a road trip instead to appreciate and experience the scenic views. The first one to depart was my third eldest brother, his wife and their son on the 15th, while my eldest brother, my parents, and I departed on the 17th. My second eldest brother, his wife, and their five month old daughter left on the 19th of January.

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN

Before leaving for the airport, we did some last minute shopping and purchased two boxes for door to door delivery. I weighed all of our bags and the Balikbayan boxes for the last time, and made sure to leave an allowance to prevent the hassle of taking out things if overweight during check in. In the past, economy class passengers of Philippine Airlines traveling to and from the United States had a baggage allowance of 70lbs or 30kg. It has now been reduced to 50lbs or 23kg. We were supposed to go to the airport at 6pm, but due to some problems (our stuff couldn't fit in my aunt's van and we had to call a cab), we left my aunt's house at 7pm.


Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
The route from my aunt's house to San Francisco International Airport is via Interstate 280 and Interstate 101. Travel time was just 15 minutes and there was no traffic at all. Push carts at the airport, provided by Smarte Carte, have a (rather pricey) fee of $5 per cart for rent. Back in 2003 & 2004, it only costed $2 or $3. Once we entered the terminal, the typical long lines of PAL passengers with their bags and boxes were there to greet us.

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
It was already 8:45 pm, and the line for Economy Class passengers was still long. Some of the passengers at the back of the line were already being accommodated through the Business Class lane. Finally, it was our turn to check in, and the agent, a very friendly, but senior Filipino woman checked our documents and weighed our luggage. Thank God that I gave an allowance as it turned out that our bags only weighed two to three pounds less than the maximum weight allowable.

I then requested for a window seat as I told her I was claustrophobic. She told me that all window seats were taken and the flight was full, but that she would try her best to look for one. After a few minutes, she went back to us and gave our boarding passes. Finally got a window seat! Immigration process and security check by the TSA was quick and uneventful. I never expected them to be friendly despite all the horror stories that I read about them. I later realized that it was already 9pm and our scheduled departure time was at 9:20pm. There was no announcement made by the check in agents that our flight was delayed. As we arrived at our gate, an announcement was made that it was already time to board! We boarded at around 9:30pm.
"The 20 Year Old Beauty"
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN

Date: January 17, 2014
Flight Number: PR105
Route: San Francisco Intl. (SFO)-Antonio B. Won Pat Intl. (GUM)-Ninoy Aquino Intl. (MNL)
Distance: (SFO-GUM) 5,804 Miles (GUM-MNL) 1,594 Miles
Flying Time: (SFO-GUM) 11h30 (GUM-MNL) 3h40
Aircraft: Boeing 747-4F6
Registry: RP-C7471
Scheduled Departure Time: 9:20pm
Actual Departure Time: 10:30pm

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN

"RP-C7471 Landing on Runway 06 at Manila"
Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
This was the first of the planned eight pure passenger Boeing 747-400 aircraft to be delivered to Philippine Airlines. This particular aircraft, the one thousand fifth Boeing 747 off the production line made her first flight on October 31, 1993 and was delivered on November 21 of the same year carrying Former President Fidel Ramos from his trip to the United States. She was supposed to be registered as RP-C5751, but the registration wasn't taken up for undisclosed reasons. She carried an American registration of N751PR and had a configuration of 18 seats in First Class, 32 seats in Business Class, and 383 seats in Economy Class.

In 2008, she was re-registered as RP-C7471 and was the first jumbo in the fleet to be retrofitted with Recaro angled lie-flat seats in Mabuhay Class and Recaro seats in Fiesta class. She was also fitted with the Thales i5000 personal entertainment system featuring audio video on demand capability from nose to tail. She currently seats 42 seats in Business Class and 383 seats in Economy Class. This particular aircraft is frequently used on flights to Los Angeles (PR102/103) and San Francisco (PR104/105). Previously, the aircraft flew frequently to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo-Narita, Cebu, and Davao.

With the announcement of the Category 1 upgrade, this aircraft, and all other 747-400s in the PAL fleet will be replaced by the 777-300ERs on the lucrative Trans-Pacific routes starting in May 2014. This also signals the end of the PAL Jumbo Jet and the end of an era in Philippine Aviation.

This is my fourth time to ride this aircraft. I flew her back in 2004 as N751PR on PR105, twice in 2010 on PR300/PR307 as RP-C7471, and in 2014 on PR105.


I did my usual ritual of rubbing and knocking the plane's skin as I prepared to board the aircraft. When I stepped on-board the aircraft, I was greeted by a senior female purser, Ms. J.M, and two young female flight attendants.

Purser: Good evening! Welcome aboard!

Me: Good evening Ma'am!

Purser: May I see your boarding pass please? 82A...Okay, right this way sir.

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
I went to my seat at 82A and was greeted by my seat mates, an old man, who was traveling with his daughter to the Philippines for a medical mission. It took a while before all passengers boarded as there were problems with the seat assignments of other passengers. Doors were finally closed by the cabin crew.

PA: "Cabin crew cross check. Arm slides for departure thank you."

We finally pushed back at 10:10pm and Ms. J.M. went on the PA with her welcome announcement and flight details which were both in English and Tagalog.

Purser PA: "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard Philippine Airlines. This is PR105 now ready to depart for Guam. In command of the aircraft is Captain Emmanuel Isaac Jr, assisted on the controls by First Officer Joselito Juancho Tumalad, First Officer Mark Baniqued, and Second Officer Emmanuel Martinez. This is your Flight Purser Joy Manzano. Our flying time to Guam is approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes, and we will be cruising at an altitude of 38,000 feet. A warm welcome to our Mabuhay Milers on board. It is important that you are familiar with the safety features of our aircraft, the Boeing 747 Series 400. Please pay attention to the screen nearest you."

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
As the safety video was being played, the cabin lights were dimmed. One by one, the four engines started to come to life. Flight controls were checked, and flaps were set to 20 degrees. We then started our long taxi to Runway 28R.

Once we reached the taxiway in between the threshold of Runways 28L and 28R, we were put on a short hold as there was traffic on 28R.

FlightCrewPA: "Cabin crew, prepare for take-off."

PurserPA: "Cabin crew, take-off stations"

We were then cleared to enter the runway and again put on a short hold as there was traffic on the intersecting runways, Runway 1L and Runway 1R. At exactly 10:30pm, the four engines spooled for take-off. Our take-off roll was one of the longest that I've experienced, and I just thought that we must be operating at the Maximum Take-off Weight of the aircraft. As we climbed, the lights of San Francisco slowly faded away. "Goodbye San Francisco!"

The seatbelt sign was turned off and while climbing to our cruising altitude of 38,000 feet, the cabin crew went around to give out the Philippine immigration and customs declaration forms. Later on, the headsets were distributed to the passengers.

My seat mate asked the male flight attendant why the aircraft wasn't equipped with personal air vents as he was feeling warm. I then butt in on their conversation and said:

Me: Only RP-C7475 has the personal vents right?

FA: Yeah, I think it had already been phased out

Me: No, it was RP-C8168 that was phased out last year

FA: Really?

Me: Yes! This one, RP-C7472, and RP-C7473 and RP-C8168 don't have the personal vents..

FA: Sir, do you work for maintenance division?

Me: No, I'm just an aviation enthusiast (laughs)..

FA: (laughs)

I decided to check out the Flights of Fancy In-Flight Entertainment and browse what movies to watch. I ended up watching Rush, a movie depicting the rivalry between Formula 1 race car drivers, Niki Lauda and James Hunt. While watching the movie, the male flight attendant approached me and asked for my meal choice.
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
FA: Sir, would you like to have Chicken Inasal or Sweet & Sour Pork?

Me: I'll just have the Pork

FA: What would you like to drink?

Me: I'll just have Pepsi. Thank you!

FA: You're welcome sir

"The Entire Meal Tray"
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
"Sweet & Sour Pork"
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
You may be wondering why I chose the Sweet & Sour Pork over the Chicken Inasal. Last July 2013, I had a chance to have both, on a flight from Hong Kong to Manila via PR311 and the chicken tasted really bad and the pork was worst. Both had the "gamey" or "malansa" taste, not to mention that both were also bland as if the caterer never even bothered to season the dishes. My seat mate chose the pork and it looked completely different from the pork I had on PR311. It was more of a stew rather than deep fried with the sauce around it. I just ended up having the pork because they ran out of chicken despite that my seat was close to the galley.

The pork tasted okay. It just needed more salt for it to be perfect. It was fork tender, didn't have much fat, and didn't have the usual "gamey" taste. It was paired again with the weird pasta salad and the nutty bun that I also had on my flight to San Francisco. The dessert was a double chocolate cake from Sarah Lee, which I found too sweet and painful to the palette. Butter and Jam also didn't exist on this flight.

After dinner, the cabin crew went around to collect the meal trays. I decided to walk around the cabin to stretch and burn off some of the food that I ate. As the cabin lights were dimmed and eventually turned off, I started to feel sleepy. My last day was tiring with last minute shopping, weighing, packing, and the long transit at the airport. I checked on my folks and went to the lavatory to wash up. Amenity kits were also not given on this flight as they are only available upon request. I eventually went back to my seat and went to sleep.

I woke up after six or seven hours, the longest sleep I had on-board a plane. When I woke up, I was surprised that the cabin lights were already turned on. It turned out that we were now just two and a half hours away from Guam, our first stop, and the cabin crew were now preparing our snacks. The male flight attendant went to our row and asked me:

FA: Sir, would you like to have Filipino, or American Breakfast?

Me: What's in the Filipino Breakfast?

FA: Corned Beef with Scrambled eggs and Garlic Rice

Me: How about the American Breakfast?

FA: Potato Omelette with Ham and Sausage

Me: I'll just have the Corned Beef

FA: Okay sir, here you go. What would you like to drink?

Me: I'll just have OJ

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
I was only expecting a snack service. To my surprise, it turned out that it was a full meal that was served. Even though it was only 2am local time in Guam, we were already served breakfast. The Corned Beef was okay, something to fill an empty stomach, and it was nothing special. I was expecting the Chicken Tocino, Beef Tapa, or Bangus (Milkfish), which are my favourites. I later regretted not ordering the American Breakfast. The main meal was paired with the nutty bun, slices of fresh fruits including Cantaloupe, Watermelon, and Melon, and a Blueberry muffin from Sarah Lee, which was again too sweet and painful to the palette after a few bites.

A few hours later, the four engines spooled down, and I could feel that we were already descending. Before going to the lavatory, I went to check out my folks and told them that they should use the lavatories now because all of them will be unserviceable during our stop. As I returned to my seat, I noticed that the cabin crew were still running around the cabin collecting the meal trays. Seatbelt sign had been turned on and I could finally see the lights of Guam from my window.

PurserPA: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now on our final approach and we will be landing in a few minutes, please check that your seat belts are securely fastened. We will now dim the cabin lights. Cabin crew, landing stations."

Gear down, flaps 20, later on, flaps 30 as we approach Runway 06R. Final approach to Guam was smooth and stable. I held on to my seat as it came to my mind that we might hit Nimitz Hill, just like what happened to Korean Air flight 801 back in 1997 which claimed 228 lives. We touched down smooth with full reverse thrust, accompanied by heavy braking, assisting our deceleration.

PurserPA: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed at Guam Airport. The local time is four o'clock in the morning. For your safety, please remain seated with your seat belts fastened until we reach the terminal. We will have a ground time of approximately 45 minutes, before we depart for our continuing journey to Manila."


PurserPA: "The aircraft will be refuelled. Please observe the no smoking rule. You must remain seated, but do not fasten your seat belts. Seat back must be kept upright. Cell phones and other electronic devices must remain off. Please stay clear of the aisles and exits. All lavatories will be unserviceable to enable ground personnel to clean them thoroughly. Lavatories must not be used at this time. Thank you for your cooperation."

After a short taxi, we parked at our assigned gate beside another company 747-400 (RP-C7475), which came from Los Angeles as PR103. Parking brake set, the engines were shut down and ground equipment started to surround the aircraft. The emergency exit nearest to me, door 4L was opened by the male flight attendant to let the ground staff enter the aircraft for a thorough cleaning of the lavatories.

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Photos from a different perspective. All courtesy of one of the pilots in charge of our flight, First Officer Mark Baniqued while he was doing a 360.

"Love at First Sight"
Copyright Photo: First Officer Mark Baniqued/PFN
"Two of my favourites in one shot"
Copyright Photo: First Officer Mark Baniqued/PFN
Copyright Photo: First Officer Mark Baniqued/PFN
Copyright Photo: First Officer Mark Baniqued/PFN
Copyright Photo: First Officer Mark Baniqued/PFN
In the past, the technical stop of the westbound Trans-Pacific flights of PAL was at Honolulu. It was later on moved to Guam in 2006, but there are still times that they use Honolulu as a stop. Recently, one of their flights had a stop at Anchorage. The reason behind the technical stop is due to the heavier take-off weight (there is a saying that it is due to the Balikbayan boxes), the higher density seating configuration, and the headwinds. There are times that the stop is not needed and it happens when the winds are favourable or if the loads are light hence the flights are moved to a later departure time.

With the announcement of the deployment of the 777-300ER on both flights starting May 2014, it is said that these technical stops will soon be history.

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Refueling was eventually completed, while PR103 already began pushing back for departure. When PR103 was on its take-off roll, it was our time to push back and another announcement was made by Ms. J.M.

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
PurserPA: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is PR105 now ready to depart for Manila. This is your flight purser, Joy Manzano. Our flying time to Manila is approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes, and we will be cruising at an altitude of 39,000 feet. It is important that you are familiar with the safety features of our aircraft, the Boeing 747-400. Please pay attention to the screen nearest you."

While pushing back, the safety video was played again with the cabin lights turned off. One by one, the four CF6-80C2B1F engines started to come to life again. Flaps were set to 20 degrees and we started our taxi to Runway 06R. As we reached the threshold of 06R, another announcement was made.

FlightCrewPA: "Cabin crew, prepare for take-off"

PurserPA: "Cabin crew, take-off stations"

As we lined up for 06R, the spool of my favourite jet engine started to go from stabilized, to take-off power. We went straight for a bit after rotation, followed by a sharp turn to the left, which gave us a tour around Tamuning and Agana. Too bad it was still dark at 5am as it would have been a scenic departure if it was dawn.

While climbing to our cruising altitude, the cabin crew went around and began to serve the snacks. The male flight attendant approached our row and gave us a box.

FA: Care for some snacks sir?

Me: Sure

FA: Care for something to drink?

Me: I'll just have OJ

Apologies that I wasn't able to take a picture of the snacks. The box was pretty big for the size of its contents. It was just a bun, filled with spicy chicken which also came from San Miguel Food Corporation. It was actually delicious! Or was I just hungry? The cabin crew went back again and gave us cookies by Mrs. Fields. After eating, I was feeling drowsy again. Maybe the seven hours of sleep that I had wasn't enough. I decided to have some shut eye and leaned on the side wall of my favourite aircraft, which gave me a feeling reminiscent to leaning on your special someone's shoulder.

I woke up after a few hours, and it was already bright outside. I suddenly realized that we were already descending towards Manila. Our descent was a bit steep with some light turbulence around. The captain went over the PA to announce our arrival details.

FlightCrewPA: "Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, this is from the flight deck. We are currently 70 nautical miles from Manila and descending through 34,000 feet. Weather in Manila is reported to be good, and estimated arrival time is at 6:30 in the morning, on the 19th of January, 2014. On behalf of the flight crew, Captain Emman Isaac Jr., First Officer Tumalad, First Officer Baniqued, Second Officer Martinez, and the rest of the crew, we thank you for flying with us. It has been a pleasure to have you on board and we hope to see you soon on one of our future flights."

The cabin started to vibrate as the speed brakes were extended to slow the plane down and to dump some lift. We passed through the clouds and seeing the rice fields and mountains gave me a sign that we were already in the Philippines. Our approach was coming from the east and we had a few right turns over Cavite before we lined up with Runway 06. Flaps 1, Flaps 5, Flaps 10, Gear Down, Flaps 20. The purser then gave her announcement.

PurserFA: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now on our final approach, and we will be landing in Manila in a few minutes. Please check that your seat belts are securely fastened. As a safety requirement we will dim the cabin lights for landing. Cabin crew, landing stations."

Flaps 30 signalled our final approach over Manila Bay. Approach was also smooth and stable. An approach into Runway 06 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport will give you a view of Manila Bay and the coastline of Metro Manila which stretches from Pasay City to the City of Manila on the left side, while a view of Cavite, Las Pinas, Paranaque, and the Coastal Road can be seen from the right side.

Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Last minute corrections were made and we finally touched down on Runway 06. Our touchdown was smooth, accompanied by heavy braking and full reverse thrust during the landing roll. It was later on followed by an applause by the passengers.

Copyright Video: PapaLimaSierra/PFN

Ms. J.M. made her welcome announcement over the PA both in English and Tagalog

PurserPA: "Mga Binibini, Ginang, at mga Ginoo, kalalapag po lamang natin sa Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Maligayang pagdating sa Maynila. Ang oras po ay tatlumpu't makalipas ng ika-anim ng umaga. Mangyari po lamang manatili nakaupo at nakakabit ang iyong seatbelts. Wag muna kayong tumayo at baka kayo ay masaktan sa biglang paghinto ng eroplano. Ang iyong mga gamit sa stowage bins ay maari niyo lang kunin kapag ang eroplano ay ganap nang nakahinto at nabigyan ng pahintulot na bumaba. Mag Ingat po sa pag bukas ng mga stowage bins upang huwag mahulugan ng mga gamit na maaring makasakit sa inyo at sa inyong kapwa. Sa ngalan ng Philippine Airlines si Kapitan Emmanuel Isaac Jr., Unang Opisyal Joselito Juancho Tumalad, Unang Opisyal Mark Baniqued, at Pangalawang Opisyal Emmanuel Martinez at lahat ng aming kasama, ako po ang inyong flight puser, Joy Manzano na nagpapasalamat sa inyong pagtangkilid sa amin. Inaasahan na muli tayong magkikita. Maraming salamat po. Paalam at Maligayang pagdating sa Maynila"

PurserPA: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Welcome to Manila. The local time is 30 minutes past the hour of 6 in the morning. Please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened, as the sudden application of the brakes may cause you to fall. Do not remove your carry on baggage from the stowage bins until the aircraft has come to a full stop. During disembarkation, please take precautions when retrieving your items from the stowage bins as these may have shifted during the flight. For passengers with onward connections to domestic destinations other than Cebu or Davao, please proceed to the transfer desk. For passengers headed to NAIA Terminal 3 with Philippine Airlines, you may avail of the free shuttle service. Our ground personnel will be happy to assist you. On behalf of Captain Emmanuel Isaac Jr., First Officer Joselito Juancho Tumalad, First Officer Mark Baniqued, Second Officer Emmanuel Martinez, and the rest of the crew, this is your flight purser Joy Manzano, thank you for flying with us. It was indeed a pleasure to serve you on-board, and we look forward in seeing you again soon on one of our future flights. Once again, thank you for flying Philippine Airlines, your home in the sky. For more information on the best fares and latest promotions, visit our website at www.philippineairlines.com."

Even though our turn-off point from Runway 06 was near the terminal, we had a pretty long taxi, which gave us a tour around the domestic wing and international wing of NAIA Terminal 2. We then came to a full stop on the taxiway, engines were shut down. and we were towed to our gate.

"Parked Beside her Successor"
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
PA: "Cabin Crew disarm slides for arrival. Welcome to Manila"

As usual, we were the last to disembark the aircraft. I decided not to visit the flight deck as I already have photos of it from my previous flight. Now I'm regretting that I didn't get the chance to meet the flight crew and have our photo taken. All the cabin crew said their goodbyes, while Ms. J.M. was busy organizing the requests of wheelchairs for the passengers who needed one. As I stepped out, I rubbed my hand and knocked on RP-C7471's skin for the last time.

"Good Bye"
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
"Alongside Her Successor"
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN
"Company A320"
Copyright Photo: PapaLimaSierra/PFN

Even thought the immigration lines were long, the process was quick. Luggage carousels were crowded and it took a while before we retrieved all of our belongings. Customs was also smooth as we didn't declare anything (lies). The overall transit was uneventful.

  • Ground Staff at SFO (8/10)
  • Punctuality (9/10)
  • Service (8.5/10)
  • Food (7/10)
  • Transit at NAIA T2 (8/10)
  • In-Flight Entertainment (8/10)
  • Overall (8/10)
For twenty years, the Boeing 747-400 of Philippine Airlines has brought millions of passengers from foreign tourists to Filipinos seeking a better opportunity abroad safely to their destinations. She will forever be my favourite aircraft, and the ultimate reason why I fell in love with aviation.


  1. My favorite breakfast is the chicken adobo. It's dry but it works for me. The FAs of PAL are really nice. I remember last November when we one of them saw us having a TJs paper bag and asked us if we bought cookie butter. Going to miss PAL's 747s and 340s. I grew up riding them.

  2. Sad to see the 747 leave... Queen of the skies indeed. I have an irrational dislike of the A380 - which is just ugly, really ;)

    Seems that PR doesn't care about the 747 though... When SQ was about to retire theirs, they did months and months of tributes (which brought back memories; quite touching, really)... PR just seems to be concerned about getting rid of it, and showing off their "youngest fleet in Asia" which comprises cramped A330s and A321 with no IFEs and increasingly demoralized crews... Tragic.

    1. Well of course they are concerned on getting rid of it. It's costing PAL to maintain it as the airplane is aging.
      Dont assume everything yet of the no IFE's. It could be one step closer for PAL to afford better ones in the future. PAL need to become more profitable as you notice from their report, they were on the negative. They surely need to bring it back up before they could add IFE's. So of course this is a good/bad news as the B747 is sure the best looking plane for PAL but costing them so much that it's needed to be out of their fleet.
      Just have faith on PAL. Look what San Miguel brought PAL to. If it werent for him PAL would still be suffering of negative profit. But now PAL will most likely be back in profit with new routes, better efficient planes, and the CAT. 1 which now they are ready to fly to EU and US. Give PAL more time, and you'll realize their progress.

    2. I agree that 747 are gas-guzzlers. What I meant was that PAL treats its planes like disposable metal. For other airlines, it was like losing a family member, and they gave it an adequate send-off.

      How's it going inside the PAL PR office, btw?

  3. If mr ang were the ceo and not coo only, i am sure there would have been the biggest send off the aviation industry could have seen!

  4. Could have, should have , did not!

  5. Only philippine airlines in the south east asia region thats going backwards when it comes to premium services.. This must change.. I know philippine airlines is recovering from heavy loses but they also need to compete with with other carrier.. i had a chance to ride the new a321 business class of PAL.. when you look at the first time itl give you a wow factor because it smells new.. but once you sit down.. yowl literraly get shocked.. No IFE and no foot rest.. its the first business class seats I've seen with no foot rest. Nothing no over head LCDs also. Its kinda embarrassing when you hear foreigners complain at their seats.. i literally was hearing the then say OMG couple of times.. lol

  6. I used to fly PAL's 747 aircraft in the late 80s and early 90s from Los Angeles to Taipei about 4-6 times a year on First Class and I loved their SkyBeds. Service was great. Pilots land their aircraft smoothly. I switched to other airlines since. A couple of years ago or so, I flew PAL's A340 from Las Vegas to Manila. I was shocked to find out that it has no IFE!! A long flight without one is torture. PAL cannot compete internationally with lousy aircraft. If their goal is to cater to Filipino passengers only, they have lost a number of them already. The only way to get them back is better aircraft with IFE. Also, their airfares are usually higher.

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