The Best Chinese Restaurants in Metro Manila

Join the Paranoid Traveler as she scopes out the best and most consistently delicious Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila...

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I love Chinese food---with or without MSG. It’s my comfort food especially when I travel in countries whose languages I can’t read. I can always count on it to fill my stomach very satisfactorily and so deliciously. Sadly, most Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila do not give me that same experience. They have their interpretation of what Chinese food is and something gets lost in the translation. And if there is a good Chinese restaurant out there, it usually falls by the wayside soon enough for lack of consistency where today, it will be delicious and terrible the next. This is why I am excited to share the following Chinese restaurants that have remained consistent both in taste and quality. I keep coming back to them so often that they probably should provide me with my very own table!

Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant
Z Square Mall, Banawe St. cor. Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City

Lucky Rainbow started in Chinatown but I have never set foot there so I can only comment on its Quezon City branch. (Not all branches are the same, as we will find out later. See “Wang Fu”.) Lucky Rainbow QC has that typical Chinese restaurant ambience that seems small upon entering but will surprise you with a lot of space and function rooms inside. They serve Cantonese food and so far, only its Yangchow fried rice shaped in Mickey Mouse ears disappointed me. Service can be erratic though as it depends on who’s attending to your needs but over-all, they serve their customers well. Be ready to shell out a few more pesos though.

What to order: Lechon Macau

binondo chinese restaurants
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Mann Hann
Z Square Mall, Banawe St. cor. Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City

Mann Hann has been around for more than a decade, I believe, but it’s only recently that they opened a branch in Quezon City which is touted to be the other Chinatown in the metro. They serve the typical popular Chinese menu with justice which is why they can charge a bit higher. The price of their small cup serving of sticky rice can get you three servings of fried rice at another establishment. Nevertheless, the quality and taste make up for the price of their Fujian offering. They are more generous with their noodles though which is swell as one of their noodle dishes is my favorite. Seats are wooden with no backs to recline on but you can request a cushion if you want a more comfortable experience.

What to order: Misuaco

chinese restaurants in greenhills
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Il Terrrazo, Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City

There are two Wang Fu restaurants in the same area. I suggest that you skip the bigger branch and go to the original at Il Terrazo. My family regularly patronizes Wang Fu and was excited when they opened a bigger one last year but was very disappointed with the quality of their food and customer service. We had to call attention to the servers several times before we could place our order as well as have it completed. This is in stark contrast with their smaller branch at the mall with fast service and great food quality. Wang Fu serves Singaporean Chinese food.

What to order:  Black Pepper Beef

chinese restaurants metro manila
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Ongpin, Binondo

Don’t be swayed by the fancy name. There’s nothing French here. In fact, Lido de Paris could use some taste with its interior design. It’s pretentious and very tacky but the food more than makes up for it. Lido de Paris offers the best Chinese dishes from different Chinese provinces. My family stumbled upon this restaurant by chance. Lido de Paris and the one we were looking for are located inside Lido de Paris Hotel. The one we had intended to go to had just closed and since we figured we were already there, might just as well try it out and it turned out to be one satisfying accident!

What to order: Sliced beef Szechuan Style

Resorts World, Pasay City

This is the priciest of them all but if you know anybody who’s a bona fide Resorts World Casino card holder with a lot of reward points to spare, you can enjoy great Cantonese food for free! But if not, well, consider it as a treat to yourself when you eat here. Passion also offers a dim sum buffet. You need to make a reservation to ensure a table is available as it is usually packed especially on Sundays even though it’s several square meters big.

What to order: Fried pigeon
Lai chia loh!

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