Making Selfies A Holiday Lifesaver

The popularity of digital cameras and smart phones have given rise to the selfie phenomenon revealing how narcissistic we all can be just given the opportunity. Nevertheless, nothing is beyond redemption. Traveling can make our camera-obsession work for us without annoying anybody. Moreover, it can help us make our travels safer and thus more enjoyable by taking the right pictures.

Image Source: Herald Sun
Passport: Take a picture of your passport's personal information page, visa and emergency page. This will help you in case your passport is damaged or lost.

Vouchers and tickets: Yes, copies of our vouchers and tickets may be in our email but what if we can't access our email when we need it the most?

Luggage: This will help in case the airline loses your luggage or if it arrives before you do which happened to me. I was transferred to another airline although my luggage had already been checked in. It arrived hours before I did and was surrendered to the airport authorities. I was having a hard time describing my luggage for claiming when I realized that I had a picture of it and voila---they produced it immediately.

Luggage contents: I learned the value of doing this when I lost my baggage claim stub and the airport authorities wanted to be sure my claim was genuine. So I described the contents of my bag to their heart's content. It would be a lot easier and more convincing if I could show them a photo of my contents. You don't have to photograph each and every item, just the top items before you zip it closed.

Hotel facade: Take a picture of your hotel facade with its complete name. This helps when you're lost and in need of directions. Take pictures of the shops and establishments beside it to serve as markers or landmarks.

Street signs and station names: Not all countries speak English or use the English alphabet so there will be times that we can't read the signs and names, much less put them to memory. We may not even know how to pronounce them correctly. Taking pictures of street signs and station names will ensure we are at the right corner or stop.

Should you be in the photos as well? If you can't resist the selfie in you, it won't hurt but better if you have a separate photo without you.

Click away!

-The Paranoid Traveler

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