Where to Shop in Tokyo

Everybody knows how expensive Tokyo can be which was why my mind was set on window shopping only when I went there. Of course, I was still holding out that I could bring home some affordable stuff. Was I successful? Let's see as we hit Tokyo's popular shopping destinations!

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This was first on my list as I am into anime and manga. I heard so much about how Akihabara was paradise to anime nerds as there was shop after shop selling anime merchandise. My heart fell when I realized that it was mostly limited to computer games. I love watching and reading anime and manga but don't like playing their games. Oh, there were some shops selling toys but they did not carry my favorite characters. I guess that is just as well considering how pricey they were.

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To maximize my visit to Akihabara, I went inside an electronics store called Yodobashi Akiba a few blocks from the station exit. To call it just a store is an understatement; it looked more like a super-duper market of everything electronic from your simple phone case to top-of-the-line sound system. I overheard one tourist remark, "If you don't see it here, they probably don't make it."


When you see Tokyo featured on TV programs and magazines with bright lights, busy people, and wide roads, chances are, you are looking at Shibuya. This is where you can find fashion that is modern and western. The stand-alone shops there can be so narrow in what they have to offer that I saw one just selling baseball caps; another one just socks; and then another selling western country boots!

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If you are a Hollaback girl or a fan of Avril Lavigne's latest video (depending on what era you're from), Harajuku is the place for you to look like one of those back-up dancers. Going there in a simple top and jeans not only will make you feel under-dressed but it will also leave you feeling like you have been walking with a sign that says, "Tourist passing through! Outsider looking in!" Some clothes I saw would make Mr. Suave's day.

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Ginza & Roppongi

Now if you want to feel poor, visit at your own risk the myriads of department stores and luxury boutiques lining the streets of Ginza and Roppongi. Some items carry a price tag more expensive than your round-trip ticket to Japan. Needless to say, I just enjoyed the sights there.

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Even though I came back home with the same items in my luggage when I left, it was still thrilling to see the varied interpretations of fashion in terms of style and costs. They were visually stimulating as if I had come out of period and art museums.

All destinations mentioned here are accessible by train and can be immediately seen upon exiting. You can choose to buy single trip tickets or the Pasmo prepaid card.

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  1. nice report. I was hoping to know how much have you allotted per day (YEN) when it comes to food, transportation and shopping? Thanks

  2. Thank you for your nice comments, Ramcey and Owen. Anyway, I didn't have a daily budget but basic meals there were around Y300. Transportation really depends on your starting point and destination so I just made use of their Pasmo prepaid card that I loaded for Y2,000 and walked a lot.

    As for shopping, I didn't buy much as I didn't see much of anything that I liked within my price range.

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