SkyJet Launching Flights to Baler, Aurora

SkyJet Airlines, the country's boutique regional airline, has revealed that it will be launching the only commercial flights to Baler, the capital of Aurora beginning in July. The "airline of the stars" plans to operate three weekly flights between Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila and Baler.

bae 146-100
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In its mission to uncover the country's untapped tourist spots, SkyJet will be the only air carrier to offer flights to Baler. The city is as rich in natural resources as it is in history. Located just one kilometre from the sea, Baler boasts undeveloped beaches along with an array of historical and natural attractions.

diguisit beach
Diguisit Beach
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Baler is one of the country's top five surfing destinations with waves present all year round. Sabang Beach is considered to be the "birthplace of surfing in the Philippines." The long stretch of grey sandy beach is home to surf shops, schools, and is a popular spot among seasoned surfers with crashing waves coming in from the Pacific Ocean. It is believed that the best waves can be enjoyed between October and March. Board rentals in Baler are not cheap and it may be wise to bring your own. However, SkyJet offers complimentary transport of sports equipment.

skyjet baler flights
Surfing at Cemento, Baler
Copyright Photo:  Kage Gozun / Surfing Philippines
In addition to surfing, Baler also boasts an array of natural attractions including lush green mountainsides, picturesque waterfalls, and many panoramic beaches. It is a haven for adventure seekers and outdoor lovers. The region is often referred to as the "Sanctuary of Nature's Splendor" with its abundance of waterfalls, rivers, and crystal clear streams amidst the backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Tourists can go mountain climbing, trekking, snorkelling, bird watching, or even on a safari into the lush forests.

skyjet baler
Mother Falls, Baler, Aurora
Image Source: The Backpackers
But Baler also hosts a historic side. One of the most prominent historical sights is the home and rest house of former Philippine President Manuel Quezon. It is also home to the San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Church, the last Spanish outpost in the country. It was besieged by Filipino insurgents for 337 days until the Spanish surrendered.

Dicasalarin Beach, Baler
Image Source: Batang Baler
The new flights to Baler will be operated by SkyJet's 79-seat British Aerospace Bae 146-100 aircraft. The four engined jet is considered one of the safest in the world and is acclaimed for its quiet engine performance. The aircraft is specially designed to take off and land from short runways, making it an ideal choice for many of the smaller and remote tourist destinations in the Philippines. 

SkyJet offers a full service experience on board for its passengers including spacious seats, ample leg room, complimentary checked luggage, snacks, and beverages including champagne. "We want to be known as the first boutique leisure airline and satisfy our customers with topnotch services," said Dino Reyes-Chua, President of SkyJet Airlines. 

skyjet baler
Image Source: SkyJet
SkyJet recently launched the first and only jet service direct to Boracay Island via Caticlan airport. The carrier also operates regularly scheduled flights to Coron, Palawan and Basco, Batanes. "We will continue to develop our own niche in offering the only jet service to unique and exotic island destinations of the Philippines such as Batanes, Coron, Boracay, and soon, direct flights to Vigan and Baler," said Reyes-Chua.


  1. ...It is nice to hear that soon will having direct flight from Manila to Baler...less stress..

  2. Wala pa ring bagong balita? Nakailan na akong balik dito simula June 6, pero ito pa rin hanggang ngayon?

    1. Maybe this guy commented last June 9, 2014 at 11:58 PM is so excited about Manila's new airport approval to be built on Manila Bay at Las Pinas - Paranaque area or Sangley Piont and new European and U.S. destination of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

  3. Skyjet is not the first jet service to Caticlan. Interjet with their Yakovlev's was the first. Then Seaair.

    1. Hi, This article did not say that SKYJET is the "FIRST" Jet Service to says its the ÖNLY" Jet service NOW. because Interisland airlines stopped operating for several years now after their plane crash. with regards to SeAir, they dont have any JET PLANE. All of SeAir's Plane used in Caticlan are all Propeller planes (LET and DORNIER 328) For the information of the Readers. Thanks.

      -Former Caticlan Airport Supervisor

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