Several Flights Cancelled by Typhoon Glenda

More than fifty flights have been cancelled including international and domestic services by nearly all of the major carriers in the Philippines as Typhoon Glenda sweeps across Luzon bringing strong winds and heavy rains.
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According to an advisory issued by the Manila International Airport Authority, a number of Philippine Airlines flights bound for international destinations including Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea have all been grounded. 

As of Tuesday, July 15, the following flights have been cancelled by Philippine Airlines, PAL Express, Tigerair Philippines, and Cebu Pacific:

Philippine Airlines
  • PR469: Incheon to Manila
  • PR512: Singapore to Manila
  • PR419: Pusan to Manila
  • PR311 Hong Kong to Manila
PAL Express:
  • PR2071: Manila to Calbayog
  • PR2072: Calbayog to Manila
  • PR2079: Manila to Catarman
  • PR2080: Catarman to Manila
  • PR2261: Manila to Naga
  • PR2262: Naga to Manila
  • PR2265: Manila to Naga
  • PR2266: Naga to Manila
  • PR2925: Manila to Legaspi
  • PR2926: Legaspi to Manila
  • PR2927: Manila to Legaspi
  • PR2928: Legaspi to Manila
  • PR2021: Manila to Masbate
  • PR2022: Masbate to Manila
  • PR2050: Caticlan to Manila
  • PR2054: Caticlan to Manila
  • PR2064: Caticlan to Manila
  • PR2788: Puerto Princesa to Manila
  • PR1864: Cebu to Manila
  • PR2860: Cebu to Manila
  • PR2861: Manila to Cebu
  • PR2862: Cebu to Manila
  • PR2870: Cebu to Manila
  • PR2842: Iloilo to Manila
  • PR2818: Davao to Manila
  • PR2820: Davao to Manila
  • PR2998: Zamboanga to Manila
Cebu Pacific
  • 5J323: Manila to Legaspi
  • 5J324: Legaspi to Manila
  • 5J329: Manila to Legaspi
  • 5J330: Legaspi to Manila
  • 5J327: Manila to Legaspi
  • 5J328: Legaspi to Manila
  • 5J521: Manila to Naga
  • 5J522: Naga to Manila
  • 5J523: Manila to Naga
  • 5J524: Naga to Manila
  • 5J651: Manila to Tacloban
  • 5J652: Tacloban to Manila
  • 5J659: Manila to Tacloban
  • 5J660: Tacloban to Manila
  • 5J653: Manila to Tacloban
  • 5J654: Tacloban to Manila
  • 5J172: Cebu to Legaspi
  • 5J173: Legaspi to Cebu
Tigerair Philippines
  • DG7044: Manila to Tacloban
  • DG7045: Tacloban to Manila
  • DG7042: Manila to Tacloban
  • DG7043: Tacloban to Manila
Passengers of most carriers are being offered re-accommodation on alternate flights without penalty. Affected passengers are advised to contact their airline for re-booking and to find out the latest flight information to determine if your flight may be cancelled. Typhoon Glenda has continued to threaten the Bicol Region since it made landfall in the province of Albay on Tuesday morning.

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