July 2014 Service Changes

Since June 30, 2014, Philippine Airlines (PAL) has been deploying the Boeing 777-300ER (77W) four times a week on PR104/105 between Manila and San Francisco, up from twice a week. The 77W will serve the route on Mondays and Thursdays in addition to its current Tuesday and Friday assignment. This is as the Boeing 747-400 (744) gradually retires from the PAL fleet.

Philippine Airlines A321
Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
PAL’s flights to Japan will also experience some changes. Since July 6, 2014, one of PAL’s flights to Tokyo (Narita), PR430 and its return counterpart PR429, has been departing almost four hours earlier than its previous schedule. PR429 departs Manila for Narita at 10:00 am and arrives at 3:25 pm. The return flight departs at 4:25 pm and lands in Manila at 7:55 pm. The flights will still fly daily and be flown using an A321.

PR416, which flies between Manila and Busan, will see its Sunday schedule adjusted effective July 20.  It will depart Manila at 3:15 pm, 25 minutes ahead of its original schedule and in-line with its Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday flights.  On that same date, PR352, which goes from Manila to Macau will depart at 1:30 pm and arrive in Macau at 3:40 pm every Sunday.  Its return flight counterpart, PR353 then departs at 4:50 pm and arrives back in Manila at 6:35 pm.    

PAL Express' 2P2658 will transfer operations back to the main Dubai International Airport from Al Maktoum International Airport on July 21 following the reopening of the former's runway.  Frequencies and schedules are still the same.  


Cebu Pacific A330
Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
Meanwhile, Cebu Pacific’s twice-weekly A330 deployment from Manila to Taipei (on Tuesdays and Saturdays) is expected to end on July 21, 2014. Cebu Pacific’s narrow bodies are expected to take over on these days, just as they do during the rest of the week.

In addition, Cebu Pacific has launched a new flight from Manila to Nagoya since July 1.  5J5038 departs Manila at 3:20 pm and arrives in Nagoya at 8:25 pm.  The return flight, 5J5039 departs Nagoya at 9:10 pm and is arrives back in Manila at 12:10 am the following day.  It also has a new flight between Manila and Tokyo (Narita) since July 1.  Flight 5J5054 departs Manila at 5:25 am and lands in Narita at 10:25 am, while the return flight 5J5055 departs Narita at 11:45 am and arrives back in Manila at 3:45 pm.

5J7990 which flies from Manila to Dubai (Sharjah) will end operations on July 20.  This is as Cebu Pacific will transfer operations back to the main Dubai International Airport on July 21 following the expected reopening of its runway.  It will be replaced by 5J7944, which departs at 4:35 pm and arrives at 9:35 pm.

From July 26, Cebu Pacific will increase the frequency of its 5J501 flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur to a daily service.

Asiana Airlines will operate a second daily flight from Seoul (Incheon) to Cebu (Mactan) between July 21 and August 24, 2014.  OZ7093 leaves Incheon at 9:20 pm and arrives in Cebu at 12:50 am the following day.  The return flight, OZ7103 departs Cebu at 2:10 am and lands back in Incheon at 7:40 am.  This flight will utilise an Airbus A330 aircraft.

Delta Airlines will move operations from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 on July 31, 2014.  Although departures for that day will still be in Terminal 1, Delta aircraft will dock at Terminal 3 gates later that day.  Departures from Terminal 3 will commence on the following day, August 1, 2014.

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  1. And starting Oct. 26, PAL will be using its all-economy A330 for MNLBKKMNL PR730/731 flights instead of the usual bi-class A330.

    1. Rest assured PFN will publish changes that will happen during the pertinent months. So once that information you mentioned holds true in October, PFN will let everyone know.

    2. No problem. I should know coz I was downgraded to premium economy from business class. Was informed by reservations that they indeed changed the equipment to the all-economy class plane.

    3. PAL said I am entitled to a partial refund if I pursue it but I am also entitled to a full refund if I won't accept it. Reservations could not tell how much the partial refund would be. They also said that I will collect my partial refund upon check-in which I find disturbing.

      Anyway, PAL willingly obliged when I said that I'll just rebook my flight to an earlier date (flight dates when they will still be using the old bi-class A330), waiving the fare difference as well.


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