Cathay Pacific Voted World's Best Airline for 2014

Cathay Pacific Airways, the flag carrier of Hong Kong was awarded the World’s Best Airline award at the recently concluded Skytrax World Airline Awards held last month at the Farnborough Airshow in the UK. Cathay Pacific is the only airline to have ever achieved this prestigious award four times. The carrier was also voted best airline in 2003, 2005, and 2009.

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The 2014 World Airline Awards were based on results generated by a survey that was conducted between August 2013 and May 2014. More than 18.85 million air passengers worldwide participated in the survey. Respondents are asked to rate the airline's products and services across 41 key performance indicators.

Ivan Chu, Chief Executive Officer of Cathay Pacific, said that he was extremely proud for both Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong. He added that the airline will continue to invest in its on-board products and services to ensure that the passenger travel experience is comfortable and convenient.


Over the past four years, Cathay Pacific has invested approximately $632 million in cabin makeovers. In an effort to enhance the long-haul experience, the carrier introduced a new Premium Economy cabin. According to Alex McGowan, General Manager of Sales and Distribution at Cathay Pacific, when developing the Premium Economy product, the airline redesigned the complete 'end to end' experience of passengers from check-in to arrival.

Premium Economy Passengers are provided with a dedicated check-in counter and 25 kilograms of baggage allowance compared to 20 kilograms for Regular Economy. They are also given priority boarding ahead of the regular economy cabin passengers.

The on board cabin experience is designed to be quiet and distinguished with more space. There are approximately 30 Premium Economy seats on each aircraft, which are currently configured in a 2-3-2 configuration. The cabin crew welcomes passengers with a hot towel and an amenity kit that includes an eye mask, ear plugs, and a toothbrush. Each passenger is also given a glass of champagne once settled into their seat.

A larger seat is provided with more space for the shoulders and increased legroom. A cradle like mechanism in the seat offers passengers up to an eight-inch recline. A hook and pocket are also embedded into the seat back to assist with the storage of personal belongings such as smartphones and wallets.

The center console received an upgrade incorporating a cocktail table that allows passengers to enjoy drinks and snacks. The in-flight cuisine has also been enhanced with improved entrees and main courses that are complemented by a variety of snacks, fresh fruits and other goodies.

For in-flight entertainment, each seat is equipped with a 10.6-inch touch screen monitor and multiple connectors that allow passengers to stream content from their personal electronic device. A USB adapter is also provided to charge portable devices. The complimentary headsets distributed on board offer a noise cancelling feature and are more comfortable to wear. Overall, the new Cathay Pacific Premium Economy cabin sets the bar high among competing premium economy products.


In the 2014 World Airline Awards, Emirates, slipped three spots from its 2013 ranking to fourth place, while Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines took second and third place respectively. Although Emirates slipped to fourth spot from its top ranking in 2013, the Dubai based carrier is still regarded as one of the premier long-haul carriers, boasting the largest fleet of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft. The top ten carriers of 2014 are mostly dominated by Asian and Middle Eastern carriers with ranking as follows:

1. Cathay Pacific Airways – Hong Kong
2. Qatar Airways – Qatar
3. Singapore Airlines – Singapore
4. Emirates – UAE, Dubai
5. Turkish Airlines – Turkey
6. ANA All Nippon Airways – Japan
7. Garuda Indonesia – Indonesia
8. Asiana Airlines – South Korea
9. Etihad Airways – UAE, Abu Dhabi
10. Lufthansa – Germany


Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines, the flagship carrier of the Philippines, slipped down 3 places from 90th to 93rd spot out of 100 airlines. Under the leadership of Ramon Ang, Philippine Airlines has seen a lot of changes, many of which have drawn mixed reviews. Most recently, PAL accepted delivery of a brand-new A330-300 HGW featuring a new Business Class product. However, to the surprise of many, there was not a single personal in-flight entertainment unit installed on the entire aircraft including in Business Class. Instead, a wireless system has been installed where passengers can stream content directly to their personal devices, while those seated in economy without a device can rent one from PAL for an additional fee. The new system has drawn mixed reaction. While the wireless system delivers impressive technology, the results of the most recent world airline survey suggest that Philippine Airlines has a long way to go to impress its passengers before it can consider itself a world-class carrier.


  1. garuda indonesia? 253 million (population) voted for their flag carrier

    1. compare to pal its a top 10 airline.. look at their new cabin and travel reports. almost all asian countries flag carriers are way way ahead of pal.

    2. yeah and 100 million filipinos voted PAL and still ranked 95. Amazing PAL



      pal has alot to learn

  2. 93rd out of a 100 = embarrassing !
    PAL needs to decide who it caters for
    Cebu Pacific tight wad passengers or international passengers

  3. Garuda Indonesia is a very good airline in terms of service and food, many people i know said its very similar to singapore airlines. they have ife on 737s food food, and check out their new interior on 777, they make pal look like a shitplace for passangers

  4. pal will always be at the bottom, filipinos are satisfied with pal since the majority doesent know any better like cx,sq, asiana and emirates... and when foreigners try pal they feel its cheap. my mother doesent like pal, she is cebuana and always uses sq from europe to visit philippines

  5. PAL sucks big time. period

  6. どもありがとう。Garuda Indonesiaが とても奇麗な飛行機だ。


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