DOTC Plans Expansion of NAIA 2, Connection to NAIA1

The Department of Transportation and Communications has announced that it is planning to expand Terminal 2 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. But in order for the expansion to proceed, the abandoned Philippine Village Hotel located at the Nayong Pilipino will need to be torn down first.

Copyright Photo: Dex Baler/Flickr
According to Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya, the government will issue a payment to the state-operated Government Service Insurance System, which is a part owner of the hotel, before proceeding with the demolishing of the building. "Whatever value or half of it or a fraction of it would be paid to GSIS, then we demolish the building to expand the Terminal 2," said Abaya.

Terminal 2, also known as the Centennial Terminal, presently caters exclusively to Philippine Airlines. In addition to expanding the facility, Abaya says that the government is also planning to interconnect NAIA Terminal 1 with NAIA Terminal 2 for the convenience of passengers. However, a fuel depot between the two terminals currently poses a challenge to the project. "We need to relocate the depot in another equally safe and efficient place to be able to connect NAIA 1 and 2," said Abaya. 

Meanwhile, on-going work continues to improve operations at Ninoy Aquino International Airport with NAIA Terminal 3 nearing its final completion and opening its doors to foreign carriers. Last week, Delta Airlines became the first of five foreign carriers that will be transferring from NAIA 1 to NAIA3. The second carrier, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, will transfer by the end of the first week of August, to be followed later by Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Cathay Pacific.

The transfer of these foreign carriers is designed to decongest Terminal 1 to its original designed capacity as it undergoes structural rehabilitation and retrofitting in addition to aesthetic improvements. The government is also planning to construct a fifth passenger terminal beside NAIA Terminal 3 to accommodate the rising numbers of international passengers.


  1. These stop-gap measures should not even be considered because it is hurting the construction of a much needed international airport that would truly address the issue of capacity. Let's be serious about redressing the huge impression that NAIA is the worst airport (ghetto more likely) in the world!

  2. All of these should be done in parallel because NAIA is now congested and at the same time, we can not build a new airport overnight. The government should act swiftly to because NAIA is already lagging way behind.

  3. Why not connect the four terminals and plan how the fifth one will be connected?

    1. Because you have an active runway with taxiways between Terminals 1&2 and Terminal 3. you would have to build a tunnel under these runways and taxiways. Terminal 1 should be torn down and an expansion of Terminal 2 should take place. The fuel depot could be moved to the current Terminal site to allow this expansion over the current Fuel Depot.


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