Philippine Airlines Cleared for Guam Expansion, Increases Australian Capacity

Philippine Airlines has officially received clearance from US authorities to expand its services to the United States territory of Guam beginning in October. The increased flights comes in response to the lifting of the US Federal Aviation Administration Category 2 restrictions on the Philippines earlier this year. 

Copyright Photo: Eric Meijer/PPSG
PAL plans to increase its existing number of weekly flights to Guam to daily service beginning on October 26, 2014. According to the Philippine Consul General in Guam, Marciano De Borja, the increased frequency granted to the country's flag carrier is a manifestation of enhanced international confidence in the Philippines.

Guam is currently home to 13,500 permanent Filipino residents, representing the largest ethnic group on the island after the indigenous Chamorro group. Guam is a vital military base for the US Armed Forces and once served as an important stopover port on the Spanish Galleon Trade route to the Philippines. 

Following the news of increased flights to Guam, Consul General De Borja invited Philippine Airlines to become a closer partner with the consulate to assist in actively promoting the Philippines through cultural and economic diplomacy projects, as well as tourism. 

Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines is already making preparations to increase capacity on some of its Australian routes in time for the busy holiday season. According to the latest airline schedules, PAL intends to deploy one of its new Airbus A321 aircraft between December 8, 2014 and January 16, 2015 on its three weekly flights to Darwin and Brisbane. 

The flights are currently being operated by an Airbus A320-200 aircraft equipped with either 150 or 156 seats. But when the A321 aircraft takes over the route, Philippine Airlines will be able to offer passengers 199 seats in a two-class configuration. However, unlike the A320 aircraft, the A321 is not equipped with any in-flight entertainment. 

Philippine Airlines currently deploys these flights every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from Manila with the aircraft making a one hour stop in Darwin before continuing onto Brisbane. The return flight departs from Brisbane on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays with another stop in Darwin before heading to Manila.

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  1. Why flying only to Guam..New Zealand has number of 40,000 filipinos working and living here..Why they dont want to fly here. its very helpful for us Filipino if our flag carrier will fly direct or via sydney or melbourne..Most of filipinos here used Singapore Airlines or Qantas...Baka maunahan nanaman kayo ng Cebu Pacific...


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