SkyJet Abruptly Cancels Taiwan Flights

Taiwan media are reporting that SkyJet Airlines, the country's boutique leisure airline, have cancelled all of their flights between Kalibo and Taiwan after just launching them one week earlier. 

Copyright Photo: Yung Chen Sung/Flickr
According to United Daily News, a Chinese media outlet, the abrupt cancellation of flights has left nearly 200 Taiwanese tourists from four tour groups stranded on the resort island of Boracay. SkyJet had been contracted to offer thirteen charter flights between August 15 and August 31 between Kalibo International Airport and Taipei Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. 

On August 15, the day of its inaugural flight, the aircraft suffered a malfunction after the pilot detected abnormalities and the flight was cancelled after passengers were already delayed for several hours. Later in the week, three more flight delays occurred and all of them were cancelled due to what the carrier described as "aircraft mechanical malfunction."

SkyJet Airlines currently operates two aircraft, a British Aerospace Bae-146 aircraft and a Dornier 328. It remains unclear of the nature of the mechanical malfunctions of the Bae-146 aircraft and if it will eventually be returned to service. With its poor first impression operating on the international scene, SkyJet will need to go to great lengths to reassure passengers and tour operators of its credibility. According to the Civil Aeronautics Administration of Taiwan, SkyJet will need to undergo further examination before it plans to fly to Taiwan again due to its poor operating record. 


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  3. Mechanical malfunctions? The fault of the airline and the airline alone. In Europe you could claim compensation for delays like this ( I still wouldn't want to risk it though,

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