Cebu Pacific Introducing Wireless In-Flight Entertainment on Trial

Following the lead of its chief rival, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific has decided to raise its competitive edge by exploring the possibility of introducing a wireless in-flight entertainment product of its own on the carrier's long-haul fleet. Cebu Pacific is currently trialling a wireless entertainment system on five of the carrier's Airbus A330 long-haul aircraft. 

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Each aircraft has been equipped with KID Systeme's SKYfi portfolio, which offers wireless connectivity and content that can stream directly to the personal electronic devices of passengers. Cebu Pacific is currently utilising its A330 fleet on services to Dubai, Kuwait, Sydney, Riyadh, and Dammam. The aircraft also operate regional routes to Singapore and Seoul Incheon.

The SKYfi wireless in-flight entertainment offers complete content programming including television shows and movies approved for streaming with digital rights issued by major Hollywood studios. The initial launch of this wireless system on Cebu Pacific's long-haul aircraft will enable the carrier to gauge the popularity of the wireless content with passengers.

The wireless IFE software platform is the same platform currently being used by Philippine Airlines in the delivery of its wireless entertainment content delivered by OnAir. The platform has been introduced on PAL's long-haul A330 fleet. Philippine Airlines has also said that it will be introducing the wireless system on the carrier's A340 fleet after a favourable response from passengers. 

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PAL has drawn widespread criticism for using the wireless system on its newer aircraft to replace the traditional embedded in-flight entertainment that is currently found on the carrier's Boeing 777 fleet. While many passengers are accepting of wireless entertainment as a service provided by low-cost carriers, there is still much wide-spread debate if the system is acceptable for full-service legacy carriers as a substitute for the traditional IFE model.

The new SKYfi club wireless in-flight entertainment on Cebu Pacific complements the carrier's existing wireless internet service on board long-haul aircraft. With the new system, passengers can access music, movies, magazines, television programs, and surveys that can be streamed directly to tablets, laptops, and smart phones.

In-flight entertainment is an essential asset to an enjoyable on-board experience for passengers and many airlines that would normally not offer IFE to its passengers are now considering wireless entertainment as a viable and feasible solution. A number of Asian carriers have embraced the "Bring Your Own Device" model and incorporated a wireless service for customers. Outside of the Philippines, airlines such as Bangkok Airways and SilkAir have all trialled wireless content. However, it is yet to be seen if this technology will ever permanently replace embedded systems on full-service carriers.

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