Philippine Carriers to Integrate International Terminal Fee in February

Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have announced that beginning on February 1, the nation's two largest carriers will begin integrating Ninoy Aquino International Airport's P550 terminal fee for international flights into the cost of an airline ticket. 

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Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
The Manila International Airport Authority is trying to improve the efficiency of processing passengers at the airport in order to improve the passenger experience. The move to integrate the international terminal fee removes yet another layer of the departure process that has long burdened passengers, as the airport attempts to shed its reputation as one of the world's worst airports. In 2012, the nation's airlines began incorporating the domestic terminal fee into the cost of airline tickets on flights out of Manila. 

Passengers that have reserved tickets before February 1, 2015 will still need to pay the terminal fee at the designated counters at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. However, certain passengers are exempted from payment of the fee including on-duty flight crew, overseas Filipino workers, pilgrims, infants, delegates of the Philippine Sports Commission, and those authorized by law or the Office of the Philippine President.

Any exempted passenger should present and surrender an exemption certificate at the time of booking in order to avoid being charged the fee. In the event that the fee has already been charged, passengers may proceed to an airline ticket office, a designated airport refund counter, or to the administration office of the Manila International Airport Authority in order to have your refund processed.

The move to integrate the international terminal fee comes following the signing of a memorandum between the Manila International Airport Authority and various international carriers serving the Philippines. The integration is expected to streamline pre-flight procedures for the convenience of departing passengers.

Not all passengers are pleased with the decision to integrate the international terminal fee. An appeal of the decision put forth by the overseas Filipino worker sector is currently being reviewed in court. But that isn't stopping the airlines from moving forward. "We will implement the integration on February 1, 2015 despite an appeal from the OFW sector and impending motions which has yet to be 
resolved by the court," said Cielo Villaluna of Philippine Airlines. 

According to Representative Roy Seneres of the OFW Family Club party, contempt charges are to be filed at Pasay Regional Trial Court against the Manila International Airport Authority as the integration of the terminal fees violates prevailing regulations that exempt overseas Filipino workers from the payment of the terminal fee. 

However, airlines should be able to utilize their own systems to enable passengers to waive the international terminal fee at the time of booking if they qualify. Passengers booking online are already being given the option to pay the P1,620 TIEZA travel tax in advance at the time of booking. 


  1. Thank God, this has been resolved at last! I remember the time in early 1980s when they initiated this tedious and full of hassle formalities at NAIA or MIA (whatever you call it) and you can just imagine the commotion and chaotic episodes that amused and bewildered foreigners who were also joining the fray at the airport. Many passengers have been wondering how those cash payments at the airport have been fully accounted for. Cash is cash, so they say. There should be a full audit of those collections for the whole time MIA or NAIA have had operated such collections!

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