DEVELOPING STORY: Germanwings Aircraft Crashes in France

Late Tuesday morning in France, a Germanwings Airbus A320 has crashed near the town of Digne-les-Bains in France.  Flight 9525 was making a routine flight from Barcelona, Spain to Düsseldorf, Germany.

Image by Wikimedia
Reports put it that 150 passengers and crew members were on board.  This figures includes 16 German pupils and two teachers returning from an exchange trip.   A distress call was made at 38,000 feet when it started rapidly descending at about 3,440-6,000 feet a minute.  The aircraft loss contact with air traffic controllers at 6,800 feet.  Later in the day, the black box was retrieved.  

French President Francois Hollande said that survivors are unlikely and expressed his sympathy to the families of the passengers and crew.  Hollande also happened to be hosting the Spanish Royal Family, whom he also expressed sympathy with.  French Interior, Environment and Transport ministers, were sent to the crash scene, which is in the French Alps.  The Spanish Development minister was also deployed to the crash site to assist her French and German counterparts and pledged that Spain will cooperate in aspects such as logistics, operations, and investigation.

Germanwings is a low-cost subsidiary of Lufthansa.  Until this incident, the carrier has had an impeccable safety record.

Stay tuned to Philippine Flight Network for more updates in this developing story.


  1. Thoughts n prayers for the families onboard...what a terrible year for the aviation world...

  2. Per latest report, there were 150 souls on board including 2 of the black boxes had been retrieved..

  3. Airbus A320 jet airliners (A318, A319, A320, A321) are manufactured by the aircraft manufacturing division of AIRBUS GROUP (nee EUROPEAN AERONAUTIC DEFENCE & SPACE CO.) in Blagnac, Tolouse, France. Does this industry fact have any bearing on French officials’ quick leakage of confidential and incomplete findings to media? To what end, and for whose benefit? Granting without admitting that Lubitz is not any established system’s scapegoat and that he is responsible for the crash, has it ever occurred to reporters that the science of Psychiatry’s anti-depressant prescriptions can work adverse side-effects, to the extent that a pilot could have needed many doctors’ opinions to comprehend his drug-damaged physiology, and that drug side-effects could have built up biochemical domination up to the day the crash occurred - deliberately or accidentally? If midair explosion did occur before actual crash, as witnessed by some, what’s with these mysterious Airbus A320 disappearances anyway?


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