Etihad Wants to Increase Code-Share Destinations with Philippine Airlines

Etihad Airways recently inked a deal to strengthen its code-share relationship with Air France-KLM Group and now the Abu Dhabi based carrier is looking to expand its code-share network further through its existing relationship with Philippine Airlines.

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Last week, Etihad CEO James Hogan said on the sidelines of the International Air Transportation Association's annual meeting that Etihad would share codes on more flights with Air France-KLM beginning this year.

Etihad is currently looking to add new destinations as part of its strategy to expand through airline partnerships. Last year, Philippine Airlines and Etihad launched a landmark agreement that included code-sharing, which Etihad now hopes to leverage further to add even more destinations.

As part of the agreement launched last year, Philippine Airlines and Etihad agreed to co-operate in a number of areas from code-share flights to loyalty programs, and airport lounges. Each carrier plans to code-share on both cargo and passenger flights.

Currently, Etihad and Philippine Airlines code-share on the nineteen weekly flights between Manila and Abu Dhabi. By the end of last year, Etihad was expected to codeshare with Philippine Airlines on twenty destinations throughout the Philippines. That number is expected to rise to 28 in 2015. However, it remains unclear what new destinations Etihad is planning to launch through its code-share arrangement with Philippine Airlines.

When the deal was initially signed in July 2014, Hogan noted that the relationship with Philippine Airlines would bring tremendous benefits to passengers of both carriers. "From a greater choice of passenger and freight codeshare destinations, to reciprocal loyalty program benefits, and more efficient terminal operations – this is a truly customer-centric proposition,” said Hogan.


  1. As PAL does not have enough resources, i.e., new aircrafts to London, Rome, etc., it Is better to code-share with Etihad to funnel its passengers bound to Europe through UAE. You see, PAL's A340s are virtually white elephants flying with less popularity to modern Europe! Etihad really needs to expand its market base with Asian countries which are thickly populated and continuously developing economically!
    Lots of luck, PAL.........

  2. Absolutely - if PAL takes this relationship with Etihad seriously, there is significant opportunities for them to add a massive network overnight and become part of Etihad's alliance. Etihad would give their brand a boost and far superior connections to Africa, Europe and the Mid East than they get out a London.

    Etihad could also help broker a deal for some of those excess airplanes that PAL has scheduled for delivery.


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