Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Zest Transfer Selected Flights

Following the reactivation of Runway 31 to Airbus A320 flights at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), terminal reassignments are expected to happen, especially for flights involving Cebu Pacific subsidiary Cebgo, and AirAsia Zest.

Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG

Effective August 15, Terminal 4 becomes a completely domestic terminal again.  It was previously a domestic terminal until a few years ago when AirAsia Zest, then operating as Zest Air, mounted international flights.  Cebgo, previously known as Tigerair Philippines, also operated international flights out of the terminal.  Terminal 4 will particularly house all Cebu Pacific flights between Manila and Busuanga, Caticlan, Laoag and Naga.  Selected Cebu Pacific flights between Manila and Kalibo (5J337/338/345/346), Cebu (especially 5J556/557 on Wednesday and Saturdays) will also make their way to Terminal 4.  These are flights that Cebu Pacific operate with an ATR series aircraft.

Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG

Likewise, Cebgo flights operated by an Airbus A320 will transfer to Terminal 3.  AirAsia Zest flights to Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur will also operate out of Terminal 3.

NAIA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado says that the transfer is made to increase the utilisation of appropriate runways at NAIA as well as decongest traffic at the airport.

Source: MIAA Facebook Page


  1. This is an important move to give the international traveler a consistent experience. Are we on our way to a Philippines that starts welcoming investors and tourists when they actually arrive? This is a small but important first step!

    1. actually this will only add further congestion at Manila Terminal 3 domestic wing now that you have more airbuses being served from there. Not fun when travelling at peak time. It does not do anything to alleviate congestion. If anything, it will make Terminal 4 the better terminal. NAIA execs are just shuffling things around and denying the congested state of our airports. What this airport truly need is another runway.

  2. Well,What do you expect with out goverment officials with utak ipis....

  3. This is only a band aid solution n d 'pwede na' mentality doesn't solve d problem! We need long-term planning for d nxt 50 yrs or so not for d nxt 50 days! What happened 2 d proposed 4 runway new airport at sangley? R they still consolidating d amounts of kickbacks?

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