David Foster: Air Asia's Latest Brand Ambassador, Supports Filipino Artists

Air Asia has revealed sixteen-time Grammy Award winner David Foster as its latest brand ambassador. Foster arrived in Manila on Sunday for a performance at Araneta Coliseum. The Canadian musician, composer, producer, and recording artist is known for the discovery and grooming of musical heavy weights including Celine Dion, Michael Buble, and Josh Groban.

david foster philippines
Image Source: David Foster / Instagram
According to AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes, Foster will serve as the global brand ambassador for AirAsia's Premium Flex product. The new product provides travellers with flexibility and enhanced value including 20 kilograms of complimentary checked luggage, an in-flight meal, two flight changes with seat selection, as well as priority baggage, check-in, and boarding. 

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Image Source: AirAsia Philippines / Facebook
When asked why he chose Foster as his new brand ambassador, Fernandes simply replied, "Why not?" Fernandes added that he and Foster were old friends. "He's someone I've known for a long time during my music days," said Fernandes. "We've created many hits together over the years. David is a legend and I'm looking forward to creating many more hits through this collaboration, especially on our Premium offerings."

david foster philippines
Image Source: Air Asia Philippines / Facebook
During the announcement at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Foster reportedly approached one of the AirAsia flight attendants and jokingly asked if she could fly with him to Manila. Coincidentally, the flight attendant happened to be a Filipina. After arriving in Manila on board his Air Asia flight, he proudly proclaimed,"The only way to travel in this part of the world. AirAsia hits all the right notes!!!"

david foster majestic hotel
Image Source: Air Asia Berhad / Twitter
AirAsia hopes that the partnership with David Foster will help to bolster the Premium Flex product and assist the carrier in evolving from just a low-cost carrier to a true value-based carrier offering best in class products, which will trigger the opening of new markets.

Foster joked that being the carrier's brand ambassador came with the privilege of flying anywhere with free extra luggage, wifi, and AirAsia's most beautiful flight attendants. AirAsia will leverage its partnership with Foster to attract customers that it previously thought it could not engage, especially in the corporate sector. "David has a good personality and high passion in everything he does," said Fernandes. "We hope to engage customers through music."

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Image Source: AirAsia Philippines / Twitter
Meanwhile, David is on the hunt for the next Asian singing sensation. Most recently, Foster uncovered Malaysian artist Yuna, while a few years back, he played an instrumental role in grooming Filipino artist, Charice. According to Foster, he came very close to finding the next superstar in Charice, but he's not prepared to give up on her yet.

"There's a lot of talent in Asia. If you just do the math, there's a billion and a half Asian people here, there's gonna be superstars here," said Foster. "We came very close with Charice from the Philippines. She has issues that she had to overcome and she's trying to get over those issues and when she does, we will hit with her again because I believe in her."

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Image Source: David Foster / Twitter
David produced Charice's first international album, which ranked Number 8 on the Billboard 200 when it made its debut in 2010. Charice has also made appearances on many of Foster's concert tours in Asia and the United States.

David and Charice are scheduled to reunite on August 19 for the David Foster and Friends concert at Araneta Coliseum that will also feature Jackie Evancho, Peter Cetera, Ruben Studdard, Boyz II Men, and Natalie Cole. Charice last performed with David in May during the finals for Asia's Got Talent.
Meanwhile, David expressed his appreciation for Filipino singer, Gerphil Flores, who he described as a flower that blossomed during the entire season of Asia's Got Talent. "She's an amazing young opera singer," said Foster, who hinted at the possibility of working with her. "I'm going to find an Asian superstar. That is on my bucket list."
david foster air asia
Image Source: David Foster / Twitter
AirAsia's Fernandes wants in on the action too. Fernandes, a former music executive, worked with David extensively before shifting into aviation in 2001. "That's my secret wish in tying up with David," said Fernandes. "Just listening to David, my mind's going overtime. We get involved in promoting and I think AirAsia can help local artists, like opera singer Gerphil Flores. We're going to get behind all Filipino artists around the world."

AirAsia was named the World's Best Low-Cost Airline for the seventh consecutive year at the 2015 SkyTrax World Airline Awards.


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