Philippine Airlines A321 Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Davao

A Philippine Airlines A321 aircraft made an emergency landing with more than 130 passengers on board after a smoke detector triggered an alarm. The aircraft made an emergency landing last Friday at Davao Airport, where all 131 passengers disembarked safely.

Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
According to Philippine Airlines spokesperson Maria Villaluna, the aircraft returned to Davao twenty-six minutes after an alarm was triggered by a smoke detector. "The pilots noticed that the aircraft's 'cargo smoke warning' was activated, prompting them to carry out the required procedures to extinguish any smoke," said Villaluna. "The aircraft is undergoing technical evaluation assessment and investigation."

Philippine Airlines flight PR-1814 declared smoke was detected in the aircraft's cargo bay at approximately 1:15pm. The pilot reported the situation to the control tower at Mactan Cebu International Airport. However, the Cebu Tower advised the aircraft to turn back to Davao. The aircraft landed in Davao at 1:35pm. One passenger fainted due to anxiety and was collected by an ambulance upon landing.

Six crew were also on board the aircraft in addition to the 131 passengers. According to airport officials, a number of dignitaries were on board the flight including Dr. Elenita Binay, wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay and Mark Villar, Las PiƱas Representative and son of Senator Cynthia Villar.

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  1. PAL should retain employees that makes the airlines safe!


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