Air New Zealand Considering Manila as Possible Destination

Air New Zealand is considering launching service to the Philippines in the near future.  The national flag carrier is contemplating non-stop service to Manila, which would create the only direct link between the Philippines and New Zealand.

Image by Apringstone/Wikimedia
Stephen Jones, Air New Zealand's Chief Strategy, Networks and Alliance Officer, stated that the Philippines is a "market of interest" for the airline.  He acknowledged the growing population of Filipinos in New Zealand, and strong two-way traffic between New Zealand and the Philippines. About 40,000 Filipinos currently reside in New Zealand.  Moreover, 12,000 Filipinos visited New Zealand, while 20,000 New Zealanders visited the Philippines in 2014.

Passengers who wish to travel between the Philippines and New Zealand presently need to connect at international hubs such as Singapore or Sydney.  However, Philippine Airlines will commence direct service to New Zealand on December 1, when it begins a direct flight with service to Auckland via Cairns, Australia.  Flights will be operated by an Airbus A320 aircraft.

Philippine Airlines enjoys full traffic rights between Cairns and Auckland, which means that it can also sell tickets to passengers travelling between Australia and New Zealand.

The Air New Zealand announcement comes as the carrier announced its intentions to operate a three times weekly service to Vietnam beginning in June 2016.  New Zealand is currently in the process of negotiating more air service agreements with a growing number of countries.


  1. An encouraging news for those who are retiring from their own jobs and start traveling and enjoying the fruits of their labor! New Zealand and Australia will be our next destination probably in 2017. For 2016, we will travel to Johannesburg and other historic and interesting places in South Africa! From Los Angeles with love.....

  2. A direct service to Auckland with a stopover at Cairns ... Can a direct service have a stopover?

    1. Direct Flights are different from Non-Stop Flights

      Direct Flights can have atleast 1 stopover but has the same flight code/plane ex. PAL's Manila-Vancouver-Toronto flight

      Non-stop literally no stops

  3. Also Air New Zealand has flights to South America. Good way to get to South American without having to go through North America.

  4. walang market dyan and AKL is not normally used as a connecting point dahil sa lokasyon nito.

  5. If they do, I'm thinking them on using their 787-9 3x a week

  6. Mr Hong Kong, as someone already pointed out your continual bagging of an entire airline over one small incident which could have been settled with the appropriate action from you indicates your small minded vindictiveness.

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