Cathay Pacific A350 to Operate Manila Flights

Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific, the largest foreign carrier operating out of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, is expected to receive its first Airbus A350 aircraft in the coming months. According to the latest airline timetables, Manila will become the very first destination for the newest member of the Cathay Pacific fleet.

cathay pacific a350 manila
Image Source: Airbus
Cathay Pacific's A350 will be deployed on flights CX901 and CX900 starting May 1, 2016. Flight CX901 is a mid-morning flight from Hong Kong to Manila, while the return flight, CX900 departs back for Hong Kong at lunch time.

Although the A350 is primarily intended for long-haul operations, carriers typically operate the aircraft on shorter regional routes initially in order for the crews to familiarise themselves with the features of the new aircraft. 

It remains unclear whether A350 service to Manila will continue on a daily basis in the long-term. However, Cathay Pacific frequently rotates a mixture of its regional and long-haul aircraft on services to Manila with specific aircraft sometimes flying to the Philippine capital just once per week.

The A350 is also expected to make regional appearances on flights to Taipei, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, and Singapore. Cathay Pacific's first A350 long haul flight will be to London Gatwick on September 2, 2016.  

Cathay Pacific's new A350 aircraft features three classes: Business (38 seats), Premium Economy (28 seats), and Economy (214 seats). The A350's seat design will be slightly different from what is already found on board the carrier's existing fleet.

Although the A350 aircraft is expected to feature Cathay Pacific's traditional seat-back personal in-flight entertainment system, each seat also comes with a 'tablet tray' on the seat backs for passengers to place their smart phones and tablets. This will enable passengers to use their own personal devices without the need to encroach on any tray table space. 

The A350 will also be the first aircraft in the Cathay Pacific fleet to feature on-board WiFi for passengers. The move follows competitors such as Singapore Airlines, which already offers on-board WiFi.


  1. What a poorly-written article. What's your byline? I want to help you.

  2. What are you talking about? This is a perfect journalistic article! Are you from planet Mars?
    Well, kudos to CX for starting innovations; that is a sign of business progress. I was a frequent flier with CX (people retire too, you know) and gone are the days when CX just fields its 747s from Hkg to Mnl when it sees that its L1011 aircraft cannot accommodate the throng of standby and PAL pax preferring to fly on CX (co)de share partners. No delays, no fuzz, no nothing. Crews were happy and so do all passengers. I miss you CX ( I now live in Los Angeles). Best of luck and thanks for the memories!

    1. Yes, Juan de la Cruz, if you hold a PAL ticket Hkg to Mnl or back, Cathay will give you a boarding pass at any time you want to fly provided you fall in line, of course! I did it lot of times because I liked their inflight food, entertainment, bilingual and industrious young hostesses (male and female, sorry Manny Pac).

    2. Im not fond of young hostesses they tend to panic when there is emergency problem.take a look at cebu pacific runway skid off in davao,passengers comforted hysterical young fa's.

    3. you got me here i am one of those passengers of Cebu Pacific Flight 5J971 that overshoot runway at Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City on June2,2013 aircarft was A320 and overran the runway during heavy downpour with 1 engine was already on fire lucky for us that time heavy rain extinguished the fire, one of the young fa was already crying and i dont know if she was afraid or nervous while another 1 male Fa giving us instruction to vacate the plane.,thats Why i still like to fly with a veteran flight attendants on board. those who wants only young and attractive Fa's on board the plane think about your safety first if it can be trusted on those young Fa's...

  3. Snappy and smart airlines (SQ and CX)always lead the pack in terms of innovations, new products and good public ratings. Why?
    Because they have the $$$$$$$ to invest and improve their businesses more! Who would reject them, who?????

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