Philippine Airlines Focuses on European Cities

Philippine Airlines is continuing the search for its next destination in Europe. The national flag carrier has short listed the number of potential European destinations down to four with Paris, Rome, Hamburg, and Amsterdam identified as possible contenders. 

philippine airlines europe
Image Source: Airbus
Philippine Airlines currently serves only one destination in Europe, which is London's Heathrow Airport. According to PAL President Jaime Bautista, the carrier is studying possible destinations in Europe in anticipation of the arrival of the Airbus A350 aircraft.

"We will be able to fly to new destinations in Europe when we take delivery of our Airbus 350, which will be in 2018," said Bautista. "But as early as now, we are already conducting a study on which of the destinations in Europe we'll fly to."

Bautista identified the four European cities on the sidelines of a press conference to announce the launch of flights to Philippine Airlines' 44th international destination: Saipan. The national flag carrier will begin twice weekly flights to its latest destination beginning on June 15. 

Although Spain was not included in the short list of European destinations, a Spanish website is reporting that Philippine Airlines has opted to fly to Barcelona, rather than Madrid if it decides to launch flights to Spain. 

According to the website, Philippine Airlines plans to take advantage of the growing traffic between Manila and Barcelona with the aim of launching non-stop flights by 2018. Industry insiders in Spain indicate that PAL's studies reveal that there is more traffic between Manila and Barcelona, compared to Manila and Madrid. 

However, the studies also reveal that the current volume of traffic between Manila and Spain does not make a route feasible at the present time. But if the current growth trend on the route persists into the future, the airline could reach a break-even point within a few years. 

Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines recently finalized the purchase of  six A350-900 aircraft from Airbus in France after signing a memorandum of understanding to acquire the aircraft earlier this year. PAL also holds an option to acquire an additional six aircraft. The carrier intends to operate the aircraft on non-stop flights to the United States and new destinations in Europe. 

The Airbus A350 will become the new flagship of Philippine Airlines' long-haul fleet. The aircraft, which will be configured in a spacious three-class layout will carry more than 300 passengers, while providing a 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption. The aircraft is also expected to lower maintenance costs considerably. 

"We are pleased to finalize this important order and are now defining the final layout for the aircraft," said Bautista. "With the A350, we will introduce a whole new level of comfort for long haul flights, with more personal space in all classes, a quieter cabin and the very latest on-board amenities. At the same time, we will benefit from the A350's enhanced efficiency and ability to fly non-stop on even our longest sector from New York to Manila, all year round."

The first Airbus A350 aircraft is scheduled for delivery to Philippine Airlines in 2018.


  1. Well, already 2013 PAL announced "soon we will fly to other destinations than LHR". But until now nothing happened. Last year they said that 2016 they will startm and just few weeks ago Bautista said 2017. So at the end it will come out that maybe in 2020 or 2030 PAL will fly to Europe. First they were talking about FRA or Istanbul, then Rome or Milan and Paris. Now it's Hamburg or Amsterdam too. Maybe they should consider Kosice. LHR at the moment - arriving at 9pm - is a nightmare for people heading on to mainland Europe! Reason: There is no flight to Europe anymore on the same day!

    1. And also the last trains to France or Belgium - not possible to reach! Last year it arrived in the afternoon! It was much better! Easy to catch other flights or trains or busses. With the evening arrival people stuck in London.

    2. Kosice will make a great destination added to the network!! ;-)
      The problem with PAL is also the service. Why should I pay more to fly less comfortably? If PAL wants to charge a premium to EU flights then they better justify it with improved service and better hardware.

    3. Soon they will use the 777 to LHR. I mostly book from HKG to LHR and back from Germany via LHR to MNL or heading on to BKK HKG (not possible on their website, but on other sites). Well, the only reason why I book it is, that it is quite easy to get Silver status, with which you get 10kg more luggage and you don't need to queue up at MNL airport. Their FFP is still ok, and award seats "easy" to get (on the phone hanging around for 1 hour). Never forget to order special meal, because the normal meal is not good at all. Of course, you can't compare PAL (PR) to others like SQ, OZ, TK, TG, EK, MH,... but at least PR has good oneway fares.

  2. Milan MXP would be the best one!

  3. when the flight to amsterdam start????????

  4. Rome, please! The best city for Filipinos in order to visit the Vatican and other important monuments there.

  5. Its should be rome and paris first.rome 4x and paris 3x a week
    The Berlin via Frankfurt route can be on a daily basis.
    Manila-Barcelona-Madrid 4x
    Manila-Zurich-Amsterdam 3x
    London unchanged daily.

    In the fourth phase: Copenhagen 3x
    Stockholm via Moskau 4x

    1. Copenhagen via Helsinki so that plane has a load.
      Paris can be via Dehli.

    2. Copenhagen via Helsinki so that plane has a load.
      Paris can be via Dehli.

  6. They should order 10 that they can also open a new route to chicago 3x weekly non-stop
    The New York-Manila 4x should also be served by A350 nonstop.


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