Philippine Airlines to Operate Flights Between Taiwan and Japan

National flag carrier Philippine Airlines is set to begin flights between Taiwan and Japan as it takes advantage of fifth-freedom rights held by the Philippines. PAL will begin operating flights between Taipei and Osaka on June 25.

philippine airlines taipei osaka
Copyright Photo: Angelo Agcamaran/PPSG
The flights will be operated on a daily basis by a 199-seat Airbus A321 aircraft. Fifth freedom rights enable Philippine Airlines to pick up passengers in a foreign country and fly them to another country. The daily flights will originate in Manila and fly onto Taipei, before continuing on to Osaka.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, flight PR896 departs Taipei at 10:10am and arrives in Osaka at 1:55pm. On other days of the week, the flight departs and arrives ten minutes later. The return flight, PR897, departs Osaka at 4:50pm, and arrives in Taipei at 7:10pm.

Competition is expected to be intense with twelve other carriers currently offering flights between the two cities. Those carriers include: Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, EVA Air, Far Eastern Air Transport, Japan Airlines, Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Japan, Peach Air, Tigerair Taiwan, TransAsia Airways, V Air, and Vanilla Air. 

Philippine Airlines is banking on the new route to drive both leisure and business traffic from Taiwan to Japan and the Philippines. Taiwan was one of Philippine Airlines' first destinations. It first flew to Taipei with a Douglas DC-3 aircraft on November 16, 1951. In November, Philippine Airlines will celebrate its 65th year of service to Taiwan.


  1. Who is making the decisions of new flights at PAL? Did that person ever fly with another airline than PAL? Does that person know how to look for flights from Taipeh to Osaka? I just looked for oneway prices, example July2nd: PAL 260US$, many other airlines: 96 to 150$.

    Next example: July 9th: PAL 400$, others 75$ to 120$.

    I will be curious when PAL will suspend these flights.

    1. You are correct, but what is weird is that if you book round trip (July 2-9 or July 9-16), the fare is around $260, which is the one of the cheapest available.someone has to fix their pricing engine. I used to get these prices

    2. I agree. The search engine on is less than ideal. I spend a fair amount of time on it searching for flights and it's a frustrating experience. The server is frequently unavailable, and trying to book a code-share flight as part of a PAL booking is almost impossible at times without having to contact PAL to tell them to fix their servers. I have sent many emails to PAL to get them to upgrade their server or hire new IT people, but the old problems still occur. In the past I had no other option but to go on Expedia or Travelocity to book a PAL flight when servers are down.

  2. Hard to understand..
    12 airlines competing on the same route !!

  3. to all the hate comments, you all do know that the 5th freedom rights also applies to cargo, PAL obviously wouldnt exercise new routes knowing there will be a loss// while the cabin might not be full, the cargo revenue might be where the money is

  4. PAL services is good, i love their costumer service compared to other. this review of grabmyessay service says it enough. I'm not sure if you heard about the recent issue involving PAL and supermodel Karlie Kloss, i dont know the real story behind that as she didn't divulged much. I havent encountered bad experience at PAL and what happened to her is sad.

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