Cebu Pacific President Flies Philippine Airlines

Cebu Pacific President & CEO Lance Gokongwei was seen travelling aboard a Philippine Airlines flight from Manila to Davao City on June 19, because he believed the national flag carrier would reach Davao ahead of his very own airline, budget carrier Cebu Pacific. 

gokongwei pal flight
Image Source: ABS-CBN
Gokongwei was seen aboard Philippine Airlines flight PR 1817, as he travelled to attend a consultative meeting of the country's top businessmen and President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's incoming economic managers, which was scheduled for Monday, June 20.

It was reported in the Philippine Inquirer that Gokongwei told a fellow passenger that he booked Philippine Airlines because Cebu Pacific's 3:00pm flight gets delayed. But Gokongwei did not do much better with the national flag carrier as the Philippine Airlines flight was delayed from its originally scheduled departure time at 3:00pm to 4:30pm. In the end, the aircraft did not leave Terminal 2 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport until 5:15pm.

When Gokongwei arrived in Davao, he was greeted by Cebu Pacific employees prior to heading to dinner with President-elect Duterte at the Marco Polo Hotel.

References: Inquirer


  1. Interesting in that from what one can see the plane is quite full. He also did not choose (or was not able to choose) a window seat to watch all those arriving planes taking precedence over his departing flight, so that he could further meditate on how MNL is just too congested with new landing and takeoff slots hard to acquire due to high demand, even if V Air has just pulled out after only four months operating MNL - TPE flights.

  2. Flying with your competitor lol


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