Clark Airport Under Investigation After Security Breach

A full-scale investigation is under way at Clark International Airport after a man was able to board a flight to Singapore without a passport or even a plane ticket. Airport officials are now under scrutiny following the security lapse.

Image Source: Clark International Airport
According to initial findings reported in the Philippine Inquirer, the intruder, who allegedly claimed to be looking for his wife, entered the terminal at approximately 1:10pm on August 3 through the arrival exit lobby door, having passed all of the security measures in place to ensure efficient screening of passengers at the airport. 

In the Inquirer's report, it was revealed that an unknown source stated that the man headed to the second floor to cross the passengers' boarding bridge to enter the aircraft, after having gained access through the exit door for arriving passengers. He was eventually caught by a flight attendant that asked to see his boarding pass. 

It is rumoured that this may be the second security breach at Clark International Airport this year. The first incident occurred last June, allegedly involving a foreigner. It remains unclear if the intruders were held for questioning or charged in either incident. 

In a memorandum released by Clark International Airport, Emigdio Tanjuatco III, President & CEO of Clark Airport, stated that the incident is completely unacceptable. "Considering that Clark International Airport implements strict security and safety procedures, such incident should not have occurred," said Tanjuatco. "The incident is intolerable as it has created an alarming event that dispels absolute security of the passengers and safety of the whole airport grounds."


  1. that is nothing compared to the much much more higher number of passengers in manila finding their way to aircrafts as stowaways and as undocumented passengers. kudos clark for successfully making the interception.

    1. Can you provide news articles that show the "higher number" of passengers making their way through to aircrafts in MNL as stowaways?

  2. Any latest updates regarding new Manila International Airport, such as JICA's feasibility study?

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