Philippine Airlines Transfers Some International Flights to Terminal 1, Terminal 2 Continues Renovations

To help minimize passenger congestion, operational adjustments have been made by Philippine Airlines (PAL) to enable the transfer of some international flights to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1.

pal a330
Philippine Airlines Airbus A330-300 | Copyright Photo: Brian Kevin
Effective immediately, the following flights have been transferred to Terminal 1:
  • PR 218 / 219 Manila - Auckland - Manila
  • PR 126 / 127 Manila - New York - Manila
  • PR 118 / 119 Manila - Toronto - Manila
  • PR 116 / 117 Manila - Vancouver - Manila
  • PR 595 / 596 Manila - Hanoi - Manila
  • PR 521 / 522 Manila - Phonm Penh - Manila
  • PR 682 / 683 Manila - Dammam - Manila
  • PR 684 / 685 Manila - Doha - Manila
  • PR 654 / 655 Manila - Riyadh - Manila
PAL noted that OTHER USA and VIETNAM flights will remain in their current terminal assignments:
  • PR 102 / 112 / 124 Manila - Los Angeles will depart from NAIA Terminal 2
  • PR 103 / 113 / 125 Los Angeles - Manila will arrive at NAIA Terminal 1
  • PR 100 / 101 Manila - Honolulu - Manila will depart and arrive at NAIA Terminal 2
  • PR 591 / 592 / 596 / 597 Manila - Ho Chi Minh - Manila will depart and arrive at NAIA Terminal 2
All other international flights will remain at their current terminal assignments. Philippine Airlines also advises travelers who have connecting flights to seek the help of a PAL Customer Service Agent upon arrival if you have any inquiries or require assistance.

Philippine Airlines has undertaken these operational adjustments to help improve the experience of their valued passengers by helping to decongest the terminals at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. The official announcement can be found here.


Meanwhile, the rehabiliation of NAIA Terminal 2 continues to cause 'slight' inconvenience to the travelling public and is not expected to finish until March 2020. The renovation began in September 2018 with P600-million invested to repair and upgrade the 20-year old terminal.

manila airport terminal 2
The facade of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Terminal 2, International Departures |
Copyright Photo: Brian Kevin
According to General Manager Ed Monreal of Manila International Airport Authority, the architectural upgrades will include the terminal's facade, floors, roof, and glass doors at the pre-departure gates along with fixed bridge gates. An expansion of the departure check-in hall, baggage claim, and an improved flight information display system and public address system is also included in the renovation budget.

manila terminal 2 centennial terminal
Pre-departure area at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Terminal 2, International Departures
Copyright Photo: Brian Kevin
Airport management seeks the patience and understanding of the travelling public for any inconvenience that may be caused by the renovations. The decongestion of the airports is being conducted by airport authorities and the airlines on an on-going basis to enhance the passenger experience. NAIA Terminal 2 was originally designed as a domestic airport. However, upgrades are now required as the projected passenger count for all of NAIA's terminals approaches 47 million according to Jimbo Reverente, the spokesperson of a super consortium that consists of the country's seven largest conglomerates, who are lobbying the national government to upgrade all of the terminals as the airport in Manila is considered to be a strategic national asset as the country's primary international gateway.

Source: Philippine Airlines, Philippine News Agency, Department of Transportation (DOTr)

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